Zooming Around The Existence

by affy

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Just a note to say i'm living, that i'm not among the dead. Though i'm getting more forgetful & mixed up in the head!!!

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Fanatik Part 2

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and during my recent visit to hometown.... i saw this... it got
'beranak-pinak' from previous collection, which at that time it was only 5pcs....my goodness!!!
It would it be nice if someday he become a pilot. Perhaps i could ask
him to 'fly' me around during his free time....
4th Oct 2006, 18:06   comments (1)


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So you want to read for me huh.... care to sit for my exam too....
27th Sep 2006, 14:59   comments (7)

Group foto

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1201-baby elephant with chillli, 1604-elephant , 1306-elephant with chilli
12th Sep 2006, 15:02   comments (4)

Bersedia, posing... Mollaaah!!!

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So ready to digg in.... Menu 1306 aka Kurma Laksa... hahahaha
12th Sep 2006, 14:58   comments (3)


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Macam duta Thai Express la pulak kan.... or is it Maskot.... Time nih
Tini tak sampai lagik... so.... sorry lah ye firdaus...
12th Sep 2006, 14:52   comments (2)

ROTTW @ Cineleisure

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Actually, I do enjoy listen to those electric guitar sound especially
in the morning.... Try listen to Slow Motion (Nickleback), Step Up
(Drowning Pool), Bleed (Puddle of Mud) or Bound to Violence
12th Sep 2006, 14:47   comments (2)


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Effortless, fast and easy, own version of caesar salad... most
restaurant would charge about RM16++/serving...
12th Sep 2006, 14:34   comments (2)

Kapla Penin

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Is there such this as "too much studying"... or "too much reading"...
or "too much input"????
6th Sep 2006, 17:56   comments (4)