Zooming Around The Existence

by affy

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Just a note to say i'm living, that i'm not among the dead. Though i'm getting more forgetful & mixed up in the head!!!

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Personal tour

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Come, let me take you inside....
26th Jun 2006, 07:26   comments (10)

Water Gallon

(viewed 750 times)
Cayalah ostad nie, siap jual air gelen.... air biasa je nie... tak
baca apa2 pun... kebetulan pengusaha tu seorang ostad...
26th Jun 2006, 07:24   comments (27)

Watch out for that mine

(viewed 566 times)
Could only gives small explosion, can see the lack of fibre here...
26th Jun 2006, 07:19   comments (12)

Rubber Tree

(viewed 740 times)
Produces latex that will be processed further into rubber
26th Jun 2006, 07:13   comments (17)

Sunday Activity

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Spend the whole morning surfing the net, had a good chat with friends,
nice lunch at Hassan and a afternoon nap afterwards.

For a 4 mnth non-stop weekend classes with an extensive amount of
assignments and presentations, life couldn't have been more peaceful
than this :)
19th Jun 2006, 03:32   comments (18)

Bizzare weekend activity -Saturday

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I'm not suppose to be here actually.

The afternoon was drizzling, the weather was nice, perfect to spend
your time on the sofa with background sounds of raindrops, with the
gentle wind swiping ur face tru the open window, reading a novel,
after a hearty lunch of setaming instant noodle...


And there i was, feeling trapped.

So how's my Saturday? Sucks!!!!
19th Jun 2006, 03:08   comments (5)

Choc Cheese from Secret Recipes

(viewed 1210 times)
This one... just to tease those who loves cheese very much...
Bought it yesterday, half eaten, the balance still inside the
fridge... heee heee heee *evil grinnn....
16th Jun 2006, 03:57   comments (4)

Manggo Delight from Secret Recipes

(viewed 606 times)
huuhuu.... one of my favourites... been craving it during my 'last
minute study".... bought it immediately after the exam... the taste...
huhuhu.... just almost hevennn...
16th Jun 2006, 03:43   comments (3)