Zooming Around The Existence

by affy

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Just a note to say i'm living, that i'm not among the dead. Though i'm getting more forgetful & mixed up in the head!!!

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Under the shade

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From the spot where we were waiting for 45 minutes.... huarrghhh (yawn)

Ingat nak naik bot tu... tapiiii.... nanti lah....
28th Jun 2006, 10:09   comments (15)


(viewed 759 times)
My lil bro trying to catch some baby snakehead. Have to wait for him
almost 45 minutes.... huarghhh (yawn)
28th Jun 2006, 09:59   comments (15)


(viewed 619 times)
A stout straight knife used in Malaysia and Indonesia
You don't want to bumb in with a person who rans amok with the parang

Anybody wants to borrow this...
28th Jun 2006, 09:41   comments (10)

Sukun - Artocarpus altilis

(viewed 1499 times)
Or others may call it as the breadfruit

Rehot, boleh la aku join your sukun club ek...
28th Jun 2006, 09:38   comments (10)

Pineapple Section

(viewed 494 times)
Looking at the current workforce the owner have (2 org jek)... .thank
god we were not force to harvest this one....
26th Jun 2006, 08:22   comments (1)

Swamp thing, you make my heart sing

(viewed 1048 times)
Dulu bendang, skang paya.... banyak ikan haruan... seswai utk mereka
yg baru lepas bersalin.... tmpt nie mmg cung ar kalau nak mancing... perghhhh.... buat bissness pancing kat sini pun bagus gak ek... utk tourist je la... kalau local dierang tak herannyer...
26th Jun 2006, 08:12   comments (13)

Red one are the best and the sweetest

(viewed 607 times)
Make sure you eat it with proper manner, otherwise the red liquid
will gives a stain...
Kak jules, the seeds just like kiwi seeds la... don't bother to separated it
26th Jun 2006, 07:56   comments (11)

Dragon Fruit Farm

(viewed 6342 times)
I'm actually surprise coz i never thought the fruit's tree comes from
a cactus species
26th Jun 2006, 07:48   comments (7)