Zooming Around The Existence

by affy

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Just a note to say i'm living, that i'm not among the dead. Though i'm getting more forgetful & mixed up in the head!!!

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In real time

(viewed 1102 times)
Snake & ladder
18th Jan 2007, 16:43   comments (6)

Lil Bro's Birthday

(viewed 1400 times)
31st Dec 06
4th Jan 2007, 16:44   comments (8)

I'm in charge of "sup tulang"

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As for me, its all about sup tulang, singgam daging, hati masak kicap,
daging gulai darat and barbeque for 5 consecutive days. Oh yeah, i'm
sure i've gained a lot this round. Need to balanced out everything
4th Jan 2007, 16:25   comments (3)


(viewed 1119 times)
It's ruby like colour
4th Jan 2007, 16:14   comments (0)

Dicing and cutting

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Takleh nak tunjuk sembelih lembu kat sini.... kang ader plak org
mempertahankan hak asasi haiwan marah kat aku.
4th Jan 2007, 16:13   comments (2)

Its all about sacrifices

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This is how we celebrated Eid-ul Ahda each year. Distributing
sacrificed cow's meat to the neighbour, family, friends, relatives, and the
poor and hungry.

Bapak aku tu eksyen je pegang pisau tu.... LOL
4th Jan 2007, 16:10   comments (2)

Last Christmas..

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I went to one of my staff's house. Was served with fish curry, fish
cutlet, mix vege and chicken sambal (a bit was2 so i dare not take).
Tot of taking her picture, but she was too busy preparing and
entertaining guest with her t-shirt and short pants (totally
understand her situation...hehehhe).Tho', she is indeed happy with i'm
being there and i'm glad she is.
4th Jan 2007, 15:56   comments (0)

No more...

(viewed 1005 times)
...empty car park
1st Dec 2006, 17:59   comments (1)
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