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Co-founder of TwoHeadedCat and all around native NYer, computer tech and freelancer writer, Adam P. Knave has given in and started taking pictures of his town, as he sees it.

Which is an utterly useless damned sentence. This is a collection of images - the majority taken from the streets of NY and surrounding areas - that mean something to me.

And then sometimes, you know how it is, there are pictures that have nothing to do with anything. Cope.

I can be hunted down and found at:

The webzine I run and write for - TwoHeadedCat

My personal site - Adampknave.com

And so on.

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Wore my real boots to work today. And a pair of black jeans, a black tshirt and my black leather bike jacket.

Of course it is also the first beautiful day of spring-like weather here.

5th Apr 2005, 16:32   comments (9)


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This device steals my soul, traps my brain and drives my days and nights. I hate it and I love it. It's my drug of choice.

(And yes, if I can I only use old IBM PS/2 kybds)
5th Apr 2005, 16:15   comments (0)

Me... On train, still headed home

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4th Apr 2005, 22:48   comments (0)

On the 1/9 towards home.

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4th Apr 2005, 22:43   comments (1)

The ugliest wallet

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So I was downtown and saw this truly ugly plaid wallet, with star buttons and a mostly crappy construction... and I had to take it home with me and love it dearly.
4th Apr 2005, 15:41   comments (17)

Stalking Alfie

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There is an audio file to go with it, but I can't get it to post. Aw well. The wav file can be found here: http://www.hellblazer.net/nyc/alfie.wav
So now we just need to make a techno remix of it.

Oh and Alfie, that picture in your other room is crooked.
4th Apr 2005, 03:47   comments (68)

How much can I get for it?

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Some people see the Virgin Mary in their grilled cheese? Well I totally saw the pope in this here cookie!

I should sell it on e-bay.
3rd Apr 2005, 07:10   comments (1)

The Dead Walk!

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One of the horror anthologies I have a story in is listed in Previews, and is the Horror Book Spotlight for the month. You can't see the solicit text which reads "Neal Patterson, Adam P. Knave, Stefan Jackson, James Chambers, C.J. Henderson, Robert M. Price, and Brian Keene are among the top masters of the murderous and macabre that tackle America's favorite monster theme in The Dead Walk!" but there it is, page 407.

It's been selling well since it came out, but somehow having my name in a copy of Previews is just fucking cool.
2nd Apr 2005, 06:29   comments (4)