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by adampknave

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Co-founder of TwoHeadedCat and all around native NYer, computer tech and freelancer writer, Adam P. Knave has given in and started taking pictures of his town, as he sees it.

Which is an utterly useless damned sentence. This is a collection of images - the majority taken from the streets of NY and surrounding areas - that mean something to me.

And then sometimes, you know how it is, there are pictures that have nothing to do with anything. Cope.

I can be hunted down and found at:

The webzine I run and write for - TwoHeadedCat

My personal site - Adampknave.com

And so on.

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At World Horror - behind the Die Monster Die table. I just signed ALL these

(viewed 666 times)
8th Apr 2005, 22:13   comments (3)

On the bus.

(viewed 655 times)
7th Apr 2005, 13:44   comments (4)

"My killer robot..." So I got my new t-shirt...

(viewed 1082 times)
"My killer robot skull-fucked your honor student."

Oddly, the shirt is blood red, but the lighting made everything look a bit off in color. Now, it came with two bright red bumper stickers for free. So! I am giving them away to two of you guys here on Moblog.

Best reason/story why you should get one wins one. Two are here. Go for it. Anyone on Moblog can enter.
6th Apr 2005, 23:26   comments (34)

Tracks, through a slightly tagged train window.

(viewed 561 times)
6th Apr 2005, 22:45   comments (0)

My new shoes got here.

(viewed 648 times)
Note: I ordered these online at 1am yesterday. They got here today, at 10am. I paid no shipping. Magic shoes.

And they fit. So ok, maybe I did that during my lunch break.
6th Apr 2005, 16:52   comments (6)

Behind that door: train operator or killer zombie. I remain... unsure

(viewed 646 times)
5th Apr 2005, 22:41   comments (0)

Shadows laid out across the street.

(viewed 616 times)
5th Apr 2005, 22:30   comments (6)

Broadway in the 120's

(viewed 541 times)
5th Apr 2005, 22:21   comments (0)