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Spent pretty much all afternoon hovering, cleaning and waxing ready for the focus meet this weekend.

The polish is awesome, comes out like glass. :-)

Pictures are crap cos my cam phone is poo.
8th Sep 2006, 17:13   comments (5)

Various things....

Colin and ma sister Emma..
Colin doin his thing on the guitar..
Me in ma cool coat that Col gave me..
Me after dying hair red. and pretty much my whole scalp too!
30th Aug 2006, 15:45   comments (2)

Free Gigs in Liverpool

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Went to Liverpool again.

They had a load of gigs set up around the city over 4 days and it was FREE!

This was Doctor and the Medics.. They were actually pretty good.
30th Aug 2006, 15:25   comments (7)

Actually Witnessed Blue Sky For A Change...

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20th Aug 2006, 18:06   comments (3)

The Ground Opened Up...

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The ground opened up before my very eyes!!
20th Aug 2006, 18:04   comments (2)

Eeeevil One

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16th Aug 2006, 17:29   comments (3)

Oscar & Brack

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This is Oscar and Bracken...

Oscars mint, he's very friendly and wont leave u alone.

Brackens cool too, she's very chilled.

Oh yeah, these are Colins pets..
15th Aug 2006, 13:24   comments (3)

Ma Best Mate Colin....

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Went to Liverpool this weekend to drink, smoke and jam some music out.

That's Colin in his Matrix coat... Looks awesome... I want one!!

Also had a productive time and wrote a new song, which we think is pretty cool so I'm happy with that!
15th Aug 2006, 13:21   comments (6)
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