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When vanity is clearly not an option.......... crank up the contrast!

I'm back !!! slightly different angle to this now. More of a personal daily journal. I may or may not post a portriat of my ugly mug, you may get a bit of me!!!

I'm not going to make any grand promises about sticking it out to the end and I'm already wondering whether this is a daft thing to do, but alot continues to challenge and engage me over the years, I need somewhere to put it all into perspective. WARNING: occasionally I am want to outrageous ranting. I did beleive for a very brief period of time this was due to an age related condition, then I had to acknowledge I've always been a bit of a

I originally started this along with nige and a few others back in June 2007 and as I discovered it would prove much more difficult than I had anticipated. I enjoyed it all very much and I think at the time I beleive my portrait photography greatly improved. The Other Nutters are:-

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Joker 365 X.
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My left ear. :(
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New light shade or exotic headdress ?

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Got a new lampshade to go in our bedroom, thought it looked rather fetching !

14th Aug 2007, 23:01   | tags:comments (3)

To the rescue

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Had to go rescue 540 this evening. Sent him to the petrol station to get bread and cheese for eldests pack lunch for work and he went in the company van as he needed to check tyre pressure etc as he has a long business journey tomorrow. The valve uin the tyre jammed open and the tyre went phlaaaatt!. Put ickleist 540 in the car along with the trolley jack and wheel brace and headed off to the rescue!!!!!!.

Took a while to get the spare out from under the van and there was a fair amount of cursing and swearing from 540 and a good deal of tut tutting from ickleist with arms folded in that not quite folded way that little kids do as their limbs arent quite long enough to fold properly. She also did a lot of eye rollling and shaking her head at 540.

Back home now, thankfully. Quite tired as it has been another stressful day with 'noisey on purpose' neighbours. Sounded like they were trying to knock our house down. It seems though that for all the noise they made there was nothing to see externally so who knows what they were actually doing. I dont trust them though :-(

Tomorrows another dailyme!!

editing book

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Got down to some serious editing of book before I send it to a friend to read and edit. This is something I should have finished a while back but just havent had the time. Its been quite a difficult book to write but worth it. This now means I can also get on with the other writing projects I have been slow to develop. How long this enthusiasim and efficiency will last is anyone's guess (probably not long).

12th Aug 2007, 23:10   | tags:,,,comments (8)

looking over my shoulder!

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Will be forever looking over my shoulder now to see if we are being followed by the men in black.

We decided to go and see if we could access the beach further on from southend, there is a road but half way down there is a check point and no entry as it is MOD land. So we turned around and decided to investigate another road we had seen in case that might take us to the beach. Travelled a good two miles, got to another gate and two exactly the same people carriers came hurrying towards us at speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. so we pretended the kids needed a wee. One of the vehicles then followed us at an unconvincing distance and when we pulled over into a garage, we looked and they had gone.

Decided instead to go look at an old brickworks, great opportunity for some photo's. Third child really did need a wee, then in the rear view mirror they stopped behind the back of the car, got out, then got straight back in again when 540 appeared round the corner!!.

Thought it might just be a better idea to go sit on the beach at regular old Southend instead
11th Aug 2007, 23:17   | tags:comments (5)


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Just made it again.
10th Aug 2007, 23:19   comments (5)

only just in time!

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Finally this F..... came through. Sent it via 540's phone in the end (5th attempt)

Have been out all evening at a meeting and only just made it back in time to do my dailyme thingy.....................THEN rathere frustratingly the image didnt seem to appear on the blog (it may of course turn up from the ether in the middle of the night)

Thankfully 540 came to the rescue and emailed the image for me

huff huff huff.......pheeew
9th Aug 2007, 23:56   | tags:comments (8)

A sprite between my legs !

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540 had decided he wanted to go look at the CU building which they are demolishing in the centre of London, from the bottom up!!!!!.

Its quite spooky looking, all the insides lay bare and spoiled, just what seems to be the central lift shafts I guess. It gave me the creeps, I think it reminded me of something else.
The contrast opposite is the Lloyds building all modern and lit up. It all made me feel a bit chilly :-(

Still I had a Sprite on the way home to keep me company (actually it belonged to one of the kids but Ickleist 540 shook it and opened the lid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep everywhere)

Good night all sleep tight :-)

Water feature

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Can you spot me ?

Went to my sisters today and she has a wonderful stainless steel water feature. Ideal for my dailyme shot.

Oh by the way I'm not the first person you see in this photo..................... look closer