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When vanity is clearly not an option.......... crank up the contrast!

I'm back !!! slightly different angle to this now. More of a personal daily journal. I may or may not post a portriat of my ugly mug, you may get a bit of me!!!

I'm not going to make any grand promises about sticking it out to the end and I'm already wondering whether this is a daft thing to do, but alot continues to challenge and engage me over the years, I need somewhere to put it all into perspective. WARNING: occasionally I am want to outrageous ranting. I did beleive for a very brief period of time this was due to an age related condition, then I had to acknowledge I've always been a bit of a

I originally started this along with nige and a few others back in June 2007 and as I discovered it would prove much more difficult than I had anticipated. I enjoyed it all very much and I think at the time I beleive my portrait photography greatly improved. The Other Nutters are:-

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Joker 365 X.
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My left ear. :(
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Post for today

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I am down to the last couple of memory boxes in the loft to sort through. So left my box till last as there are a lot of letters from friends over the years. Found a whole pile of Love letters written to me from 540!. Bizzarely the first one I read was dated 12 years ago today at 1.40pm, just the time I was rereading it!.

It made me smile to remember back so long ago, to read his words of undying love. He wrote letters almost everyday. Back then I was still a little uncertain about whether our relationship would survive. But it went from strength to strength. Sure, there have been some fairly rough patches, but thats life and great friendships, great loves, need time to develop and change as they metamorphose through, children, illness, death, life. Even the bad bits can be good.

Oh gosh I'm waffling again :-)


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Decided to try and walk across this swinging bridge of wood and chians at the park. The kids make it look easy.


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trying to get some rest (difficult) as I feel really exhausted ans my nose hurts, my eyes are running and I have a really bad headache made worse by looking at the screen! Off to take some painkillers and hopefully a restful sleep.

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Please look after this bear!

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Been feeling quite rough, which is why I didnt post yesterday. Seem to have the mother of all colds , again. My nose could put Rudolf to shame. Need some TLC so cuddling up with Paddington who comes from darkest Peru!

Yahoo! Answers - Get better answers from someone who knows. Tryit now.
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bottom of the slide

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taken at the bottom of the slide in the park. really wanted to go down the slide but there is a rope ladder affair to get to the top of the slide and I was wearing a skirt!

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Oh ..........................................

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You dont know how many of these particular shots I have accumulated over this dailyme thingy. Me reaching out to set the timer , only for the bloody shutter to click anyway. it really infuriates me sometimes.

Today has been a bit of a stuggle, because somehow this daily me thing has totally dominated the day! Why ? I dont know. But having a 'little helper', doesnt help; though by my reckoning she shot be a s... hot photographer oneday! (not biased or anything)

Havent really got the time to be sat here now as I have only just put the dinner on (Slut that I am, its chip butties all round!) Sent 540 off with two youngest sons to look round the high school as son number three moves up next september. And I am supposed to be preparingfor the support group meeting which is held here at my house once a month.

OOOOOOOOOOh also there was an amazing sky out there tonight so of course I spent another 20 minutes or so taking somr shots of that, (you will probably get to see them on the blog in about six weeks time from now)


Doesnt take a genius to work out that i am now sipping from a wine glass, which is naughty really as I am trying to keep a clear head..................some chance.

Excuse the spwelling and gwamma!

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wasa ctually spinning round on the chair when I took this but there is no semse of movement, though I do look a little queasy (sp)

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Early morning me!

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Took this early this morning and had really really hoped to post it before 8.00am! Ha................... just doesnt work out like that, it never does. The day was so busy and so wet too. But I like walking in the rain.