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I am staying at my parent's house for the weekend.
The first thing i do? Get comfy :)
But damn my father and his stupid Internet Explorer; i feel dirty.


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I went into town this afternoon and once i had thought of posing with the Robin Hood statue, how could i not do it?


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Blah. Bad day.
I went out early to take these photos, but it was too sunny and i got a headache. Plus they were nowhere near as good as i wanted.
Then i spent the rest of the day uninspired, quietly sulking in a darken room.


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This morning i washed my hair and, while it was still wet, i put it into 2 plaits.
This afternoon, hair now dry, this is what i have.
I haven't done this in aaaaages.
Now if you will excuse me, i need to go prance around with my wavy hair.
18th Aug 2009, 18:13   | tags:,,,comments (7)


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This is all you're getting today.


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I am hereby declaring every Sunday for the next year as "Fisheye Sunday!"
It's a pity i didn't start this project 2 days earlier; Fisheye Friday has a much better ring to it. Ah well, what can you do?
50 Fisheyes to go...


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I figured by day 7 you might be getting sick of my face.
I was going to get on the roof for this shot, but it turns out the wall i would've been dangling over was painted white. As was this 3ft wall, so i just sat on here instead.


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I finished reading this today.
I already knew whodunit, but i've never actually read any Agatha Christie before.
I've watched a lot of Poirot (i HATE Miss Marple) and Murder On The Orient Express has always been my favourite, so i figured it was the best book to start with.
I think i'll be reading a lot more Poirot in future :)