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In my bed, double quilted, with a cup of tea. Perfect.

N.B. I hate my fringe in this photo.
9th Nov 2009, 21:04   | tags:,,,,comments (5)


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Today i am mostly wearing a colourful hat.


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I don't know where today's photo came from, but yes, there i am. Hiding in the mirror.
7th Nov 2009, 12:29   | tags:,,,comments (0)


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Not the most perfect photo i took today, but i just love the angle and my look. Totally unimpressed about wearing a party hat.


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Today is bin day.
While the alley behind my house was free from bins i thought i would stand there and take a photo.
So i did.
5th Nov 2009, 10:49   | tags:,,comments (10)


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I got two new pairs of black boots today.
The purple tights are veryvery old.

I took a total of three photos for today's dailyme.
I love them all.
This was the first.

After countless failed attempts to upload this photo (Error, error, error, error, error...) i tried emailing it. Sigh.


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I had no ideas for today's photo.
I was tired and lazy.
So i laid on my bed and put my feet in the air.


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These are all the rings i own. These are all the rings i never wear. Hmm.

(And again with the crazy eyes...)
2nd Nov 2009, 19:18   | tags:,,comments (8)