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It's over! I'm done! I can finally get back behind the camera now!!

I didn't get to bed last night until gone 1am. I kind of wanted to just go out then and get this photo done, but i needed the daylight, psh. So i set my alarm for 5am and i actually got up! Yes, i would rather have less than 4 hours sleep so i can get up early and sneak off to take my final dailyme in a deserted park than sleep in late and end up having to take me photo with a bunch of people staring at me, especially since this photo invloved making a giant number out of scarves!

And the funniest part? On less than 4 hours sleep and waking up still a little tipsey my brain really wasn't working too well... Oops. So i had to do a bit of hasty editing this morning. Haha.

But huzzaz, hooray and woohoo!

Thank you muchly for all your kind words and support throughout the past year. It was really hard to keep my enthusiasm up for this project at times, but i'm well chuffed that i started and, more importantly, finished!


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Penultimate photo.

Had to be a quickie today while i was running around getting ready to go out.

Hmm. A night of boozing, with a plan to be up at 5/6am to take my last photo nice and early... i didn't think this one through, did i?


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Fridays have always been my laziest day; i don't finish work until 6.30pm and then i just want to go home to bed!
This evening i went out the back to take a quick photo and was soon joined by Dave.
It's actually really difficult to take a self portrait with a cat. So i make no apologies for the remote being in full view here!

+ 3 outtakes in comments.


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The very bench in this park where i would sit and eat ice creams.
5th Aug 2010, 14:17   | tags:,,comments (6)


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I stuck to my plan. I got home from work and i toddled off out with my tripod, narrowly missing the rain (phew!)
I saw this ivy covered (and i mean covered - i took more photos) wall a couple of days ago. I like ivy... on other people's houses.
There in just one thing wrong with this photo: me. Urgh, i look awful.
4th Aug 2010, 14:27   | tags:,,comments (0)


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I spotted this location quite a while ago and wanted to shoot here, but, erm, yeah, i'm still pretty terrified of shooting a self portrait in public. (Yes, yes, even after almost a year. Shush.)
But as it is my last week i thought BUGGER IT. And i grabbed my tripod and off i trotted.
It is now my mission to wander each afternoon and find public places to shoot for the last 5 days of my 365. Eep.
I also did a 'from my pov' shot with my Holga, which i might do for these last few days, but i won't get the film back on that for yonks.
3rd Aug 2010, 19:00   | tags:,,comments (5)


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A simple one for my last dailyme Monday.
2nd Aug 2010, 21:27   | tags:,comments (4)


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Argh! The ceiling is falling on me!!

Ok, it's not.

Bad day.