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Walthamstow Market

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Pound a bowl, and again, and again! Although you have to say it in a fuit and veg seller style or else it's just stupid.

Went home to see ma and pa at the weekend and made the usual trip out for fruit and veg. Followed on Sunday by cooking a slightly disasterous roast (oven went off half way though cooking - but we got there in the end!).
5th Apr 2006, 18:23   comments (4)

More plates that will never see toast again :(

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26th Mar 2006, 13:48   comments (11)

Smashed Plates

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Our Greek neighbour kindly invited us to a party. One thing lead to
26th Mar 2006, 13:47   comments (1)

Legend for the day

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The 37 year old Shaun Udal plays in his 4th and possibly last Test match and takes 4 for 14 including the little master Sachin Tendulkar.

Absolutely made up for the guy!

Ok, no more cricket posts I promise. Just understand that I was very excited!
22nd Mar 2006, 20:37   | tags:,comments (0)

A truly great moment

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Ok, I suppose only people who care about cricket will care about this and people who care about cricket will have already seen and read about this but the situation boils down to this:

1. England are playing cricket against India in India. Very, very tough.
2. Through injuries a lot of players are missing (6 today)
3. Therefore a lot of people are playing in their 1st/2nd/3rd/4th match.
4. In the first (bad) picture the Indian Dhoni skies the ball a very long way in the air.
5. A young guy called Monty Panesar playing his 3rd match loses the ball in the sun and completely misses the catch and gets nowhere near it (2nd picture).
6. 5 mins later Dhoni plays the exact same stupid hoick in the air and Panesar is the fielder again. This time he takes the catch (see very poor quality video).

Now, even if you don't care for cricket you must be able to appreciate the situation - a young guy basically completely arses up a potentially very important catch. 5 mins later he is in the same situation again and has the chance to make amends, which he does. A truly great moment.

The bowler at the time was a 37 year old chap called Shaun Udal - more about him when I've finished dinner (it's ok, I know you don't care!).
22nd Mar 2006, 20:06   | tags:,,comments (3)

On the swings!

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I'm acting my shoesize.
21st Mar 2006, 18:52   comments (3)

Millennium Square Water

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Here's another couple of pictures of the newly opened Millenium Square in Sheffield. All the regeneration that's going on in the city at the moment is making it a great place to live. I'm very pleased I've moved here!
19th Mar 2006, 16:35   | tags:,comments (7)

Millennium Square Lights

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Today Sheffield finally opened the Millennium Square plaza that links the Winter Gardens with the Peace Gardens. Mum, sister, cousin and aunt came up to see me so we saw some of the grand opening action - stilt people, human gargoyles and bands and stuff..... it was really really good!

In the second picture you can see some of the lights embedded in the paving, which is a nice feature.
18th Mar 2006, 20:08   | tags:,comments (6)