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Holiday Abridged Pt 2

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1... at the Eden project, man that bee was big!
2... also at the Eden project, there was a rope you could pull to make him move too. yay!
3... at Port Isaac
4... where we saw them film some of Doc Martin (which would have been more exciting I guess if I'd ever seen the programme!)

Secluded Beach 2

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Walked to the end of the first little bit of extra beach and there was a little tunnel in the rock, walked through that and there was another even more secluded beach. Last Wednesday was so much better than this Wednesday!!
13th Sep 2006, 20:40   | tags:,comments (6)

Secluded Beach 1

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Got to the end of the beach, thought I'd clamber over the rocks to look for rocks pools and was greeted with this, a little secluded section of beach.
13th Sep 2006, 20:39   | tags:,comments (0)


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For Twiglet
13th Sep 2006, 20:01   | tags:,comments (4)

Crashing Waves

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I love the sound of waves crashing on the rocks, I even took some video clips so I can listen to them whenever I want :)
12th Sep 2006, 18:56   | tags:,comments (4)

N and Gs DIAMOND anniversary!

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60 years!

Not had a chance to post these yet but this was a truly great day. It had a bit of a fifities feel to it - long tables of sandwiches with the card from the Queen taking pride of place, lots of folk singing along to old fourites and fifties music (thanks to the great band!). Oh, and we finished off with the hokey cokey... Nan might be 80 odd, but she can still move!
10th Sep 2006, 20:46   comments (4)

Rubgy - not for the faint hearted

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Went to see my very good friend Greg play in the Hope Valley inter village rubgy tournament at Castleton yesterday. 2 regular ambulances and a helicopter later we were off to Stockport hospital... things were broken and dislocated all over the place - by the time the ambulance had arrived for the first injured player there were 2 more. Rugby will always stay a spectator sport for me I think!

I spent the first part of the match nattering so unfortunately there aren't any pictures of the actual match, or the 2 trys Greg scored. Bugger.
13th Aug 2006, 15:29   comments (4)

It's entirley possible

(viewed 972 times)
that Crickson (and Ann) didn't enjoy the cricket as much as Joseph and me.

But overall it was a good day..
7th Aug 2006, 20:31   comments (8)
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