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Fireplace torpor

(viewed 634 times)
28th Dec 2009, 10:22   comments (0)

Window Pane

(viewed 500 times)
28th Dec 2009, 10:12   comments (0)

Light it snow, light it snow, light it snow

(viewed 429 times)
21st Dec 2009, 21:25   comments (0)

My new guitar !

(viewed 683 times)
Saturday night, I was supposed to have a drink at Pierre and mag's place with a friend of mine. As I enter the room, all my friends were there for a surprise birthday party, where they offer me this amazing guitar. Friends and family known this for 3 month and they've all played their part in this operation. It's a Washburn N4 body with a customed handmade neck. I'm still dreaming. Thanks everybody, and thanks chenav for having thought and managed this whole operation.

And I don't deserve it...
21st Dec 2009, 20:53   comments (1)

Watch your back kitty !

(viewed 625 times)
14th Dec 2009, 23:31   comments (1)

I love carnations flowers

(viewed 550 times)
14th Dec 2009, 23:26   comments (0)

It's winter, extra blanket are needed

(viewed 584 times)
14th Dec 2009, 23:11   comments (0)

On the count of three you'll be asleep

(viewed 506 times)
13th Dec 2009, 22:36   comments (2)