A Thousand Dreams

by VenusInFurs

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My website has been overhauled. Make with the clicky. Go on. I know you want to. And for those keeping track, my old Moblog can be found here. I began a new one so I could retain ownership of my own images. Thank you Mo'blog UK!

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(viewed 531 times)
found, abandoned on the street.
15th Jun 2005, 23:53   comments (0)

not even raining

(viewed 512 times)
15th Jun 2005, 14:50   comments (3)

old ink

(viewed 452 times)
14th Jun 2005, 21:16   comments (1)

iced coffee

(viewed 752 times)
the only way to wake up in the morning
14th Jun 2005, 14:30   comments (14)

6s and 8s

(viewed 438 times)
11th Jun 2005, 05:12   comments (0)

the undrinkable drink

(viewed 582 times)
in the words of heidi macdonald: if 5 alcoholics can't drink it- it's a bad drink.

for the record it was a high roller stinger from 6s and 8s.
11th Jun 2005, 04:11   comments (2)

it looks much prettier than it tasted

(viewed 701 times)
11th Jun 2005, 03:43   comments (0)

sean and i

(viewed 669 times)
in the dark, in a bar, drunk.
11th Jun 2005, 03:42   comments (0)