A Thousand Dreams

by VenusInFurs

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My website has been overhauled. Make with the clicky. Go on. I know you want to. And for those keeping track, my old Moblog can be found here. I began a new one so I could retain ownership of my own images. Thank you Mo'blog UK!

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sidewalk art

(viewed 692 times)
10th Jul 2005, 16:17   comments (1)

crappy ny tv graphic

(viewed 832 times)
the tv won't shut up... the newspapers however- are covering lil kim's sentencing... so yeah....
8th Jul 2005, 03:55   comments (2)


(viewed 608 times)
Waiting for batman in imax...
7th Jul 2005, 23:51   comments (3)

sorbet and champagne

(viewed 671 times)
frosty dessert beverage
5th Jul 2005, 01:34   comments (1)

Eye protection required

(viewed 454 times)
i love that sign
5th Jul 2005, 01:31   comments (0)

M is for Mojito

(viewed 509 times)
Even though the ice has melted, it's still a tastey beverage.
5th Jul 2005, 01:29   comments (0)

shadows of flags

(viewed 466 times)
4th Jul 2005, 17:34   comments (0)


(viewed 515 times)

3rd Jul 2005, 22:35   comments (2)