A Thousand Dreams

by VenusInFurs

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My website has been overhauled. Make with the clicky. Go on. I know you want to. And for those keeping track, my old Moblog can be found here. I began a new one so I could retain ownership of my own images. Thank you Mo'blog UK!

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quality time

(viewed 542 times)
29th Nov 2005, 15:33   comments (0)

it's begining to look a lot like...

(viewed 575 times)
tacky xmas decorations
29th Nov 2005, 03:53   comments (0)


(viewed 533 times)

28th Nov 2005, 03:03   comments (0)

our daily tom jones

(viewed 717 times)
25th Nov 2005, 16:23   comments (11)

Priscilla, aka princess pouty puss

(viewed 777 times)
that look in her eye is her planning her escape route.

Please note the dark rimmed eyes.
25th Nov 2005, 16:15   comments (3)

sunny public transport

(viewed 623 times)
on my way out to see my folks.
24th Nov 2005, 18:52   comments (0)

ladies and gentlemen: Tom Jones

(viewed 726 times)
Uh, I got two kittens. One is too shy to be photographed. This one, he's Tom Jones.
23rd Nov 2005, 15:26   comments (15)


(viewed 523 times)

20th Nov 2005, 21:20   comments (0)