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Amsterdam docks in freo

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Well the cruising season is starting up. I had to go down to the Fremantle Passenger Terminal and lift the gangway onto this ship once it had berthed.
11th Nov 2005, 23:43   comments (0)


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This was taken some time ago now. Although the picture doesn't fully convey
a sense of place, it was taken at the top of a 200t Demag crane. Height was
around 100m. The crane was setup in the yard for testing. The secretary of
the company asked what it was like to go up in a mancage, and I invited her
to try it. Regulations say that a rigger/dogman must be in the cage also, so
I went up with her and took some pictures for her as she kept her eyes
closed for most of the time. The only way I could get her to open her eyes
was to tell her to take my picture :)
5th Nov 2005, 12:55   comments (0)

Moving house

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But I want to take my house with me !!!!
5th Nov 2005, 12:50   comments (0)


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This is gunna require a hell of a lot of potting mix
5th Nov 2005, 12:49   comments (0)


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Not my company, but you wouldn't want to be scared of heights
5th Nov 2005, 12:48   comments (1)


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5th Nov 2005, 12:47   comments (0)

Taxi ?

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Im sure this isnt the way its supposed to happen
5th Nov 2005, 12:46   comments (1)


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A truck having a little sleep. I had to go and wake it up and get it back on
its feet
5th Nov 2005, 12:44   comments (0)