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The Staten Island Ferry

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10th Nov 2006, 03:18   | tags:,,,,comments (3)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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10th Nov 2006, 03:06   | tags:,,,,,comments (0)

the kid enjoyed it more

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10th Nov 2006, 00:14   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

Lady Trapped and Exhausted

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Toys R Us Time Square

My daughter wandered around this tourist trap of a toy store while my husband kept an eye on her. I found a place near an AC vent and sat my ass down on the floor in a corner and tried to rest.
10th Nov 2006, 00:08   | tags:,,comments (0)

And, here I am, in hell

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9th Nov 2006, 21:29   | tags:,,,,comments (7)

AKA Hell On Earth

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This is The American Girl Store.

It was very crowded and popular and there were long lines waiting to give them money, so obviously most people do not agree with me.

I found it to be totally unpleasant. I didn't want to set foot inside, but my husband was fascinated, as if he were a cultural anthropologist who had just discovered a new tribe.

American Girl dolls cost $100 just for the doll. Then the kids are encouraged to purchase many dolls and accessories for the dolls. They can also buy clothes in their size to match the dolls clothes.

Many of the girls were at the store with their dolls and they were both wearing the limited edition t-shirts that you can only purchase at this particular store.

There was a cafe where you could get reservations to eat. There was the theater to watch the American Girls doll musical. There was the hair salon where you could pay to have your dolls hair done. There was a hospital. There was a photo studio where you could get portrait packages of you and your doll.

There were temper tantrums right and left.

There was a special room where those who could not be bothered with walking around the store could sit and have refreshments while their personal shoppers ran around the store fetching items for the girls and their dolls to try on.

I did not like it there.
9th Nov 2006, 21:27   comments (1)

Central Park

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9th Nov 2006, 20:08   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

a couple of monkeys at the Bronx Zoo

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9th Nov 2006, 17:14   | tags:,,,,,comments (2)