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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Hey lady...

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Why are you going out in the front yard with some of that green stuff
that you got out of the fridge, and the camera? Are you eating
without me?

Not Spinach

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These leaves came out of the bag of Baby Spinach that I bought. I'm
not sure what they are. One friend thought they looked like tomato
7th Dec 2006, 22:52   comments (3)

Life Is So Unfair

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1. I do not allow the dogs to come into the kitchen and conveniently there are a couple up steps up into the kitchen so it is a good LINE not to cross. Of course they try to see how far they can push their luck, hence the paws up on the first step. Right now it is dinner time and I am in the kitchen preparing.

2. Not all the critters are banned from the kitchen, just the canine ones. How unfair! Xander has a snack while the dogs are waiting for their dinner. You can see Indy watching from her spot just outside the kitchen.

3. "Oh please feed me, I am so cute, and really I think you must have forgotten to feed me yesterday because I am very very hungry."

and then there was one

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5th Dec 2006, 01:23   comments (2)

Aww, nuts!

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4th Dec 2006, 00:01   comments (2)


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3rd Dec 2006, 16:58   | tags:,comments (2)

It is about effing time!

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3rd Dec 2006, 16:47   | tags:comments (8)

What a great marketing campaign

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3rd Dec 2006, 16:39   | tags:comments (0)