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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Happy Purring Xander

(viewed 444 times)
Getting his fur all over my loveseat and pillows.
27th Feb 2007, 22:33   comments (2)

Gassing up and hitting the long road again

(viewed 452 times)
25th Feb 2007, 18:13   comments (1)

All the crazy you can pile on your plate, then go back for thirds.

(viewed 473 times)
I'll have a serving of depression, a dollop of OCD, just a taste of narcissism and a heaping helping of paranoia... Stop looking at what's on my plate!!!!
25th Feb 2007, 17:48   comments (1)

Decorating Public Bathrooms

(viewed 617 times)
I am not convinced that yellow and brown faux finishes are a good choice for public bathroom walls.
25th Feb 2007, 15:08   comments (3)

Royal Enfield

(viewed 489 times)
24th Feb 2007, 23:26   comments (2)

pillow philososphy

(viewed 489 times)
24th Feb 2007, 20:41   comments (1)

Good Day Sunshine

(viewed 542 times)
24th Feb 2007, 04:05   comments (3)

Rules For Tipping

(viewed 529 times)
If our friendly, highly trained staff takes your order promptly, speak to you in a civil manner and give you the proper change, you may show your gratitude by depositing said change in the tip jar. If they don't,
however, you may not withdraw money from the tip jar.
23rd Feb 2007, 17:26   comments (3)