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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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7th Mar 2007, 09:20   comments (10)

Wild Child

(viewed 520 times)
7th Mar 2007, 08:08   comments (4)

Beware of Cat

(viewed 543 times)
7th Mar 2007, 01:29   comments (5)

Rub My Belly

(viewed 533 times)
7th Mar 2007, 00:14   comments (6)

Open the F***in' Door Lady

(viewed 470 times)
6th Mar 2007, 20:26   comments (6)

New Ear Dangly - Same Old Ear

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I had a little time to kill while waiting for something else to complete, and I've been wanting some white and silver earrings, so I decided to make some tonight. For me the real measure of how well a jewelry/beading session goes is how much time I spend crawling around on the floor trying to find little things that I have dropped. Tonight I made it through without any floor time at all.. I am apparently wearing a magic sweater which catches everything. I still had to search about on myself for dropped things, but it was easier on my knees.
6th Mar 2007, 08:23   comments (3)

Beautiful Things Come in Small Envelopes

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Usually the USPS brings me a lot of bills and junk-mail, but over the past week mbuk-ers have been making things much more exciting.

Thank you so much.
6th Mar 2007, 05:42   comments (3)

Mother/Daughter Shots

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5th Mar 2007, 19:47   comments (17)