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Preparing Dinner

10th Mar 2007, 04:05   comments (1)

Errand 4

(viewed 493 times)
Returned the storage bags.

Got bulk supplies.

Toilet paper is important.

Forgot something, how frustrating.
10th Mar 2007, 02:40   comments (0)

Errand 3

(viewed 505 times)
A bit of grocery shopping. Pasta with pesto sauce for dinner tonight.
10th Mar 2007, 01:55   comments (0)

Errand #2

(viewed 468 times)
Bought needed cat food for the very irritated cats. Looked at the ridiculous specialty dog treats in the display while waiting for the barely civil young woman who smelled strongly of stale cigarette to ring me up.
10th Mar 2007, 01:25   comments (0)

Errand #1

(viewed 498 times)
Last pick-up is set for 5:00PM and I got there at 5:04, but I don't think they had emptied the box yet.
10th Mar 2007, 01:09   comments (0)

Red Head

(viewed 472 times)
Showered, feeling somewhat better, heading out to run errands.
9th Mar 2007, 23:43   comments (0)


(viewed 505 times)
That USED to be my coffee.
9th Mar 2007, 22:23   comments (3)

Bloody Print

(viewed 448 times)
9th Mar 2007, 08:57   comments (2)