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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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12th Mar 2007, 07:04   comments (7)

More wine, please.

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Baking blogging

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My Favorite Price Tag

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Wine Blogging

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You always remember...

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when your husband left town for a week, and all he brought you back
was this tacky t-shirt.
11th Mar 2007, 01:10   comments (7)

Dinner blogging

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First Course - a simple salad with blue cheese crumbles and an oil/vinegar/herb dressing.

Second Course - mini pitas, warmed with a bit of olive oil, with spicy salami and goat cheese with herbs.

Third Course - Chicken sautéed with spicy peppers, bell peppers and artichoke hearts and seasons, served with angel hair pasta in a homemade (extra garlicky) pesto sauce with little chicken meatballs, and broccoli.

Fourth Course - nope, way too full. Perhaps some coffee in a bit.
10th Mar 2007, 05:44   comments (5)