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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Wine Blogging

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Love this label.
22nd Mar 2007, 04:27   comments (0)

Bike Bits

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Haven't ridden in more than a decade, but considering taking it up again. Borrowed one from a friend for a few weeks to give the concept a trial roll.
21st Mar 2007, 02:34   comments (2)

Getting Personal

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20th Mar 2007, 22:41   comments (8)


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20th Mar 2007, 21:59   comments (4)

Here's to completed coffee table projects

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20th Mar 2007, 03:58   comments (4)

I keep noticing something today. What's that about?

20th Mar 2007, 01:11   comments (4)

Disco Cat

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If I look at the cat when she isn't in the mood, she'll hiss at me.

The kid? She can dangle the cat and make her do dance moves with her paws while singing in her ear, and the cat is completely content.
18th Mar 2007, 19:01   comments (7)

Wine Blogging

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18th Mar 2007, 03:38   comments (3)