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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Bondage Palm

(viewed 539 times)
1st Apr 2007, 08:30   comments (2)

Eek! A Mouse!

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31st Mar 2007, 05:17   comments (6)


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The grocery store has 5 bananas left. I came here specifically to buy
31st Mar 2007, 04:39   comments (4)


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31st Mar 2007, 02:47   comments (5)


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31st Mar 2007, 01:38   comments (3)

My flower bed looks disturbed, and I am not sure what happened.

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30th Mar 2007, 21:17   comments (6)

Help... ick wtf?

Nasty bugs are attacking my little lime tree that is already suffering mightily from the unusual freeze we had this winter.

On the branch they look sort of like buds, but with nasty white moldy looking stuff involved. They are soft and squishy and gooey when you pull them off. Also once you get them off you see little wiggly legs and their icky little mouth.

I like them not at all.

If somebody could identify them, so I can find the best way to kill them, before I simply douse the tree with gasoline and set fire to it, that would be lovely.
30th Mar 2007, 03:10   comments (17)

Skyline - the other direction

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30th Mar 2007, 02:02   comments (3)