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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Duck Breast - On Sticks

(viewed 688 times)
11th Oct 2007, 23:46   comments (5)

Action Figure

(viewed 683 times)
7th Oct 2007, 01:43   comments (3)

A problem has been detected.

(viewed 1564 times)
3rd Oct 2007, 21:22   comments (6)

Bronxelf - you were right

(viewed 727 times)
I did want these.
29th Sep 2007, 21:33   comments (7)


(viewed 774 times)
Took this earlier in the week and forgot to send it when I got
distracted by dumping masago all over my phone. Oops. Chef is odd.
Jury still out on this place.
29th Sep 2007, 21:31   comments (1)

Proof of how large it is.

(viewed 714 times)
See? Big as Indy.
28th Sep 2007, 07:55   comments (3)

Something's Bugging Me

(viewed 679 times)
Sorry it isn't in better focus, but it was BIG and aggressive, and it
wouldn't stop moving and it kept freaking me out.

See the wet spot on it? That would be London drool. London saw it
and went "What's that? Is it food?"

"No, you stupid dog. It is evil."

I dragged him away, and tried to take a photo. When he saw I was
interested in it, he rushed right over again.

"See! I knew it was food. You tried to keep it for yourself!"

"Evil!" I screamed.

He glared.

I had KFZ drag him off, and I took these blurry photos.
28th Sep 2007, 07:49   comments (3)


(viewed 940 times)
Trying a new place, again.

Marginal, again.

22nd Sep 2007, 23:45   comments (1)