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No comment, at the moment. lawyer told me to say that.

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Green Tea

(viewed 515 times)
This is my green tea left over from yesterday. It looks like someone has peed in my cup. :-)
7th Sep 2004, 08:47   comments (1)


(viewed 487 times)
One little Care Bear.
1st Sep 2004, 19:00   comments (0)

Toon's Office

(viewed 461 times)
My First attempt at spriting.
20th Aug 2004, 12:54   comments (0)

Desk Update

(viewed 458 times)
This is my desk as at 16/08/2004. Doesn't look any different does it?
17th Aug 2004, 09:26   comments (1)

Kill the Pig

(viewed 507 times)
I tried to access the Piglet IM program and got this message saying my session had been killed. :(
17th Aug 2004, 09:15   comments (0)

Blocked Websites

(viewed 554 times)

This is what I see whenever I try and go somewhere the company don't want me to go.
17th Aug 2004, 09:08   comments (2)

What I can see at work

(viewed 488 times)
This is what I can see out of my window at work.
16th Aug 2004, 17:00   comments (0)


(viewed 959 times)
hmmm.....a nice pint o the black stuff.
24th May 2004, 11:23   comments (1)