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Real Name: Clarizza
Age: 21
Zodiac: Who cares.. Leo rahhh!!
D.O.B: 23rd Aug 84

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


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Loves: Getting paid, Getting pissd - JACK DANIELS BABY!! Mmmm, Dancehall music, Holidays, Cheese, Nandos & Family n Friends.
Hates: Being broke, Smoking & Drinking, but cant get enuff of it!!
N.Y.'s resolutions: Quit smoking and Quit.. i mean slow down on the drinking.. Ok.. maybe cut down on the fags too.. lol

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Singapore - Aug 25 - Aug 31 2006

(viewed 958 times)
Siloso Beach @ Sentosa Island.. Singapores MAN-MADE island
15th Sep 2006, 17:04   comments (2)

Welcome home! Philippines Aug 17 - Aug 25, 2006

(viewed 966 times)
This pic was taken in Puerto Galera, view from the top of my god-sisters
15th Sep 2006, 16:56   comments (1)

Woahh.. that was scary!

(viewed 1277 times)
Im now in Malaysia, this pic was taken at the Snake Farm on Penang Island, Malaysia
31st Jul 2006, 13:42   comments (8)

I heart THAILAND!!

(viewed 1109 times)
Woah! been such a long time since i've updated Moblog, its been over 3 weeks since i've landed in Thailand have been Bangkok twice, Koh Samet island and Ayutthuya.. so far enjoying myself to the max.. currently in Chiang Mai now, this being our 2nd week here.. so far my favourite place in Thailand.. have done activities such as bamboo water rafting, elephant riding, jungle trekking, Thai cooking course and now in the process of learning Thai
massage.. Have rented a bike a couple of times and drove up the mountains to my favourite place in Chiang Mai -- Viewpoint.. absolutely beautiful! Have
met a few good friends here in Chiang Mai.. leaving on Friday.. :'(

Updated 15/07/06: Mann.. i really do need to pics pics up here..!! Been up to too much since Chiang Mai.. currently in Koh Tao (southern Thai) one of our last destinations in Thai.. its divers galore here.. good thing im taking my Padi course, this may actually be my favourite island so far.. Got only 2 more weeks left here, cant believe how fast its gone!


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21st Jun 2006, 05:46   comments (8)

Not long now...!!

(viewed 1085 times)
Thailand... here i come!!

**EDIT 23/05/06**
Only 6 more days till the big day.. so much to do in such little time...

-Pack my rucksake - CHECK
-Chase the taxman - OPPS
-Sort out Thai visa - CHECK
-Sort out Australian visa - CHECK
-Open HSBC account - OPPS
-Order up global sim - CHECK
-Book accomodation in Bangkok - CHECK
-Book Internal flight to Philippines - TBA
-Photocopy all important documents and leave for mummy - CHECK
-Tidy up my room - OPPS
-Organise transport to airport - CHECK!

18th May 2006, 00:11   comments (7)

My new colleague! Haha!

(viewed 1061 times)
11th Apr 2006, 13:12   comments (4)

I love me new job!!!

(viewed 1052 times)
10th Apr 2006, 16:22   comments (3)

March 09th @ Purple

Pic 1: Andrew & Remi = Pissheads!!! lol (Happy bday Andrew)

Pic 2: Me & Kaz copying Remi!!

Pic 3: Sweaty Betty - haha

Pic 5&6: Hahahahaa -- Kaz, wot happened??

Pic 7: Cheeeeeeeeeessseee

Pic 8: Grrrr.. lol

Kaz -- Cant be assed to put d rest of d pics up... i'll leave that 2u! xx

10th Mar 2006, 22:59   comments (0)
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