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In case of emergency..

(viewed 2291 times)
With only 33% cocoa it would have to be an emergency!

Posted by bettyD

9th May 2010, 18:02   comments (0)

Nicely Trademarked

(viewed 1670 times)
say it like it is

Posted by bettyD

9th May 2010, 18:01   comments (1)

Lime Crusha

(viewed 4905 times)
Unbelievably vile... Take my word for it, don't put it in your mouth!


Posted by Twiglet

24th Jan 2010, 09:41   | tags:,,comments (0)

Pocket Hand Warmers

(viewed 2348 times)
Possibly the best thing ever invented.
Don't ask me how, but you bend a little piece of metal inside and the liquid in these things crystallises and gets all warm!
My thumbs would be up, if they weren't too busy getting warmed ;)

Posted by Wendle

Bamboo Graphics Tablet

(viewed 2318 times)
I bought this for myself just after Christmas. I'd been thinking about getting one for a while. SO much fun!
Very easy to get your head around, good for detail graphics work and enjoyable to use!
Both my thumbs and pointing upwards.

Posted by Wendle

Black Pepper Masala Curry

(viewed 3375 times)
If you love getting your head blown off, enjoy a runny nose and obligatory pint of beer then THIS is the curry for you.

Big thumbs up.

Posted by Wendle

Thumbs Down : Sensodyne Super Mega Foaming Gel Action Man Goop

(viewed 4101 times)
Don't believe the hype. This is about 3% foamier than normal
toothpaste and doesn't feel anywhere near as good as it looks on the

Posted by bettyD

Thumbs Up : Goose Island Concord Grape

(viewed 1941 times)
Yes, I'll be having this again. Soda-ry grapey goodness for the sweet

Posted by beth

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