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Using a Panasonic F545 Lumix 16.1MegaPixel camera with 5x optical zoom. I don't understand how it works.

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Ringo in the sun

(viewed 428 times)
Ringo relaxing with Phil on the sun lounger.
31st May 2011, 21:43   comments (0)

Dinner night

(viewed 585 times)
31st May 2011, 21:40   comments (0)

Plastered again

(viewed 707 times)
Ringo's leg still isn't healing so he's in plaster again. Off to see another orthopaedic vet on Tuesday. Meanwhile we've given him a new haircut to cheer him up. He's sitting here with the Pink Unicorn and McGilla Gorilla. He insists on wearing his red coat.

Horseriding in Hurn Forest

(viewed 1318 times)
Carey was riding Tom, the largest carthorse ever seen, who was in a naughty, willful mood. Phil's horse, Connie, looked small by comparison. She had a hairy moustache.
17th Mar 2011, 13:19   comments (1)

Swinging through the trees

(viewed 539 times)
Charlotte and family came for the day, so we went to Go-Ape!
1st Mar 2011, 20:08   comments (0)

Another setback

(viewed 567 times)
Ringo is back in plaster again after the wire and pins started protruding through his skin. He'll keep the bandages on for another week.
1st Mar 2011, 19:38   comments (2)

In memory of Tasha

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Tasha was the most elegant, beautiful ballerina, and my princess. She gave so much love. I miss her deeply.
1st Mar 2011, 19:35   comments (2)


(viewed 881 times)
One of the pins in Ringo's knee snapped, meaning emergency surgery to wire it up. The Robert Jones bandage now has to stay on for 10 days. Ringo is thoroughly bored.
20th Feb 2011, 14:10   | tags:comments (0)