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We are not a porn troupe. We are a ten-breasted Rock Machine.

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Titania Rules

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Rock God loves Tits Of Death

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5th Aug 2006, 00:18   comments (1)

I love Tits Of Death, Mammaries Rule

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4th Aug 2006, 23:12   comments (1)


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4th Aug 2006, 22:52   comments (5)

We love analogue

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4th Aug 2006, 22:38   | tags:,comments (3)

The Mystery Jets, The Keytar, and The Wardrobe Malfunction

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We played at a club in Barcelona called Razzmatazz. We arrived at
6pm, and our stage time was 3.15am. There was a whole team of people
assigned to make us feel welcome. I suspect the main priority was to
keep us occupied lest we retire to the 5* hotel they booked for us
and sleep through our stage time, but they really needn't have
worried - The Doors (yes, THAT "The Doors", with Ian Astbury taking
over the money spot) were playing in the big room downstairs in the
club, and we spent the majority of the time that we should have been
soundchecking on singing along very badly to all the greatest hits.
OUR gig itself was fabulous, though not without its hitches - halfway
through the second song one of my leads crapped out (resulting in an
embarrassing silence while the engineer raced to bring me a new
one). Then, I had a major Carry On-style wardrobe malfunction when
the bottom 3 snaps on my dress blew apart. At least you can use a
guitar to cover your crotch. Anyway, also on the bill that night
were the Mystery Jets, who DJ-ed after our set. Here's a pic of
Blaine from the Mystery Jets, examining Synthia's (our keyboardist,
the hottie in black sitting on the left) keytar. OLD SKOOL!TTx


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The studio engineer laughed his ass off when we told him that we were
recording the guitars through a fag packet. Until I said, "Like, no,
I'm totally serious."
4th Aug 2006, 18:43   comments (6)

Our very first post.

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Oh, how sweet....
4th Aug 2006, 10:31   | tags:,,comments (12)
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