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Not much to see here. I plan on using this space to rant and rave about all things important to only me in the world of music. Feel free to read along if you'd like -- but I can't guarantee that I won't occasionally piss you off with a rant about American Idol, James Blunt or Staind.

Rather than start this off on the wrong foot -- I'll talk a little about my favorite record of 2006 thus far.

Released earlier this week, Band of Horses - Everything All The Time - (Sub Pop), has completely blown me away. Beautiful songs in the vein of My Morning Jacket and even the jammy Pale-era of Toad The Wet Sprocket. There's other influences hidden among the tracks -- at times a bit of The Shins, Neil Young and The Jayhawks seem to creep in, all drenched in a fair amount of atmospheric reverb. Rather than comparing and contrasting Band of Horses influences, I recommend just listening to the songs -- because that is their true strength - spending too much time looking for their roots will only distract from granting this band their own place on the wall.

In recent years, Sub Pop has done an admirable job of transitioning themselves from Grunge-era pioneers to purveyors of great indie-rock. Seeing a new release on the Sub Pop label is once again meaningful.

Produced by Phil Ek, with a running time of only 36:10, Everything All The Time has set the barometer for indie music this year.
27th Mar 2006, 00:23   comments (2)