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The theme of this Moblog competition is "I'll tell you a story...".

how to Vote and What to Do.

The prizes...
Five prize winners' entries will be printed and displayed on the walls of Hadley House in London, between December 2006 and February 2007.

They will also each get a bottle of Family Masciarelli's top range wines.

The best competition entries will also be included in the Exhibition Portfolio.

The categories...
There will be three categories of entry:

1 - Phonecam images with little or no manipulation
2 - Camera images with little or no manipulation
3 - Phonecam or Camera images with significant manipulation (don't forget this is a photographic competition)

To enter...
Send in a series of between 2 and 5 images that show your take on this quote, and when the competition closes, cast your votes to determine the winner. We'll tell you how and when later.

Send your entry to <">b> and don't forget to indicate which category it's for.

Competition closes Friday 24th November 2006.

Complete Rules and Conditions.

Help out...
Visit the Forum to find out how to help make this competition even better.

Thanks to...

Thanks also to:

George - Blue Eyes


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don't forget...

(viewed 1482 times)
On December 2nd at Hadley House, 3:30pm to 6:30pm. See this Forum post for details

Posted by Dhamaka

27th Nov 2006, 15:38   comments (17)


(viewed 1889 times)
Congratulations!If your name is here and I've not contacted you in 20 minutes or so, please contact me through the contacts option on my blogWe're collecting shots of runners-up too. No guarantees, but it's just in case there are spaces we can show smaller versions of your images in the restaurant..

Posted by Dhamaka

27th Nov 2006, 10:33   comments (45)

A story of simple pleasures

(viewed 1442 times)
Category 2

Posted by eroika

26th Nov 2006, 00:04   comments (10)

Voting Update With Words!!!

(viewed 1257 times)
Don't forget - rate the images in the competition as this is how we'll find the winners.
Just in case this 1 - 10 rating system does not work, please can you email your votes too.There are a total of 5 votes you need to cast. Choose the best 3 entries from Category 1, the best single entry from Category 2, and the same again for Category 3.Please cast your votes in this manner:Category 1 - First Winner: (entry name, mobloggers name)

Category 1 - Second Winner: (entry name, mobloggers name)
Category 1 - Third Winner: (entry name, mobloggers name)
Category 2 - Winner: (entry name, mobloggers name)
Category 3 - Winner: (entry name, mobloggers name)

As you can see from what I wrote earlier, this is a contingency plan only and i will only refer to it if there is a problem with the ratings and normalisation on the comp blog itself. Please do email your votes in anyway because we have just 3 days to select and print the winners' entries for the competition poster and the display in Hadley House, so there will be no time to chase people or ask them to do it other than now.The email address to mail your 'contingency' votes to is:

Posted by Dhamaka

25th Nov 2006, 18:25   comments (1)

portraits with oranges:

(viewed 1224 times)

Posted by nige

24th Nov 2006, 23:58   comments (13)

i'll tell you a story...

(viewed 1106 times)
...about the day i married my soulmate
pic 1 & 2 - cat 1
pic 3 - cat 2___________________________________________________________
All new Yahoo! Mail "The new Interface is stunning in its simplicity and ease of use." - PC Magazine

Posted by mouse

24th Nov 2006, 18:50   comments (3)

Vote Now!

(viewed 1142 times)
This is how it works.Go down the list of entries and rate them using the box on the right hand
side under the lowest image. You will have to be logged in to do this and
it's set up to accept just one vote from each moblogger, which means if you
have already voted for an image you won't be able to do so again.
I've spent the afternoon making notes and will normalise the voting come
Monday morning, so if you have any problems send me an email via the contact
button on my moblog.I think the results will be more accurate if you give every entry a rating
but if you don't want to it's your choice not to do so.I'll also be setting up a poll on the Forums and will let you know when I've
done so. I'm doing it because we have so little time and it's a contingency
measure for a worst case scenario and extremely unlikely that this poll will
be used. I expect the voting plus my normalisation to be sufficient and
don't forget I'm the only moblogger not eligible to compete and my decision
is final. However if it's absolutely necessary I will refer to this.
For ratings and poll ? one moblogger one vote please.
If everything works well I'll take the voting, normalise it according to my
current notes and let the winners know Monday morning. If you win we need
your original images (by email to me please ? I'll send you the address
later) as soon as possible because our sponsors have only 2 days to get them
all printed and hung before we have to put them up on show. Sprocket is also
waiting to put them into our winners' poster which needs to be printed and
ready to collect by Thursday evening.
If we can't get better resolution images from you by about 2pm we'll go with
the ones that you have posted. This might mean that the prints that have
been hung on the walls at Hadley House are of a lesser quality and that will
probably affect the likelihood of them selling.
Happy Voting!

Posted by Dhamaka

24th Nov 2006, 16:01   comments (16)

i'll tell you a story....

(viewed 1216 times)
...about a cheeky li 'lle friend i made!(entry from lou)

Posted by mouse

24th Nov 2006, 15:15   comments (2)
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