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Lana's Back

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For Oz Idol Viewers...

As Mr Holden predicted, Lana would rather be doing her HSC's
It's been her first day back at school today - and she has been
enjoying her 15 minutes.
She caused quite a clamour for autographs - especially amongst the 7th
graders ;oD

I didn't have the heart to tell her I didn't vote for her :oD


27th Sep 2007, 07:37   comments (0)

Nathan Passes Out

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Last month Annalise and I traveled to Melbourne to watch Nathan's Passing
out parade.

I must say he did do pretty well.. Not a patch on RAF standards :-p but
pretty well none the less.

We also made sure that we stomped his freshly polished shoes as soon as his
parade finished.

That'll learn him :-D

Talk to the Paw!

After shaving "Carwash" our cat, my daughter Jess, thought he looked a
little cold.

So she went out and bought him a little "Cat Jerkin!"

Apparently the cat's now "cool" instead of cold!

After having his "lion cut" he looked daft, now I think he just looks bloody

But it's funny when he walks past while you're watching TV. He stops and
throws you a look that just says. "I hate you all. I wish you'd just die!"

Annalise's Hackney Hotrod

Once again, Annalise has me wrapped round her little finger.
I knew letting me get the 'teg was a ploy. It just took a little time for me
to figure it out. After all I'm only a bloke!

Just a couple of months after getting MY new motor, Annalise wants to trade
in the Spider. So as always, I cave in and she trades the Alfa for this
Hackney Hotrod!
And to top it all off. IT"S A GODDAM AUTOMATIC!.. - which I liken to being
gay - It's more acceptable than it used to be . BUT IT"S STILL WRONG!! (no
offence) ;op
These PT Cruisers always remind me of London Cabs, hence my "hackney hotrod"
nickname for it. (Which she hates - but not as much as me calling it "the
Anyhow, she's had it a couple of weeks, and as per usual, I haven't even
driven it out yet - except to drive it out onto the lawn to wash and polish
the bloody thing!
As for the "Tubbz" plates - well it's been a long standing joke in the
household - those who know Annalise, and have watched the League of
Gentlemen will know why.
SpoonZ "''teg goooood.. PT baaaaad"

Being chained to a PC is no fun!

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I feels like I'm chained to this machine at the moment - It's sending me
stir crazy, hence the piccy.. I'm cabbaged out!

There's not been much to report about lately.. nothing of much interest

The new Portal is taking up most of my time, and it's being soooooo
repetative and sloooooww too.

Drop me a line and cheer me up sometime peeps!

Talking Parrots!?!

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Today's been a fun experiment in voice over and foley work.

For the last couple of days I've been working with the Year 12 drama
students, helping them get sound effects together for their solo
performances. They all have to produce a "one person show" for their

This happens every year and I usually get the run of the mill.... Park
ambience, telephone ringing, train arriving etc....
Obviously this years' group has decided to test my creative and acting

It's a good job no one came into the loo's this morning whilst I was
recording myself, taking a leak and flushing the toilet, mic in one hand
"little john" in the other.

But the oddest one I've had this year, is to do the Voice Over for an
angry, talking parrot - where do these kids come up with these ideas!!

Anyhoo here it is...

I dread to think what next years students will come up with.... "Can
you do me a sound of a badger with a bad cough please Mr Spooner???"

The Cat is Pi$$@d!

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Carwash is now plotting his revenge... he is not amused!!!

While we were away in the UK, Carwash the cat had been playing about in
the rain, Normally when he comes in he's dried and groomed, but the
house sitters didn't do a very good job, so he got a bit knotted and
ratty. as a result, the fur had to go!!

At least he'll be cool for the summer - even if he looks daft!

"You will all die" said Carwash this morning!

Rainbows after a holiday

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It's been my first day back at work, after a long overdue holiday back
to the UK. I parked the car dreading the flood of junk mail that awaited
me. Left the car park and was greeted by this fantastic rainbow....
maybe it's a sign :-)
I doubt it though :-)

15th Aug 2007, 00:51   | tags:,,comments (1)