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A thank you card from the Pre Primary Kids

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A few weeks ago I cut together some video footage, and made a DVD for
the Pre Primary class - and they sent me this thank you card back!

The kids in the class have never actually met me, so the teachers asked
them to draw what they THOUGHT I looked like.

There's some pretty good drawings in there - and the randomness of them
definitely appeals to my warped sense of humour.

I especially like the fact that the kids think I take my rabbit for
walks on a leash?!?!? and ride a giant stick insect to work everyday!!!
Pure genius!

I also think that The Simpsons IS affecting our kids..... Why do all
the pictures of me have yellow faces?????

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10th Dec 2007, 05:42   comments (1)

Boaters and Jumpers !?!

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These are two shots for this years yearbook, I took them a little while
ago, and they've remained top secret until the yearbook was released
last Friday.
The jumping girls was used as a cover - with the blue sky giving a
great background to the title text.
And yes - the girls did actually end up in the river.... despite the no
swimming notice (tut tut!)

The boater's washed up on the beach shot was used in a small panel on
the back cover.

Well, that's another school year put to bed... now I have to get ready
for next year! :-)

Me in my Helmet!

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Now I just need to find a traffic cop, cowboy and an red Indian - and
I'll start up my own boy band!

3rd Dec 2007, 07:07   | tags:,,comments (0)

You know it's nearly summer when...

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..the front of your car looks like a mosquito graveyard just a few days
after cleaning it.

Take a Guess!

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Today - I'm Mr Spooner!
I've just found out that work has just blow AU$10K on a marketing
Not any actual artwork, or photography, or ad space.. muggins here
still has to do all that!
We just got the 10,000 dollar idea!

Now.. have a guess which one of these two concepts came from a
"marketting guru" and cost $10k....
and which concept I bashed out in my 30 minute lunch break whilst also
stuffing my face with sandwiches and answering the phone.

Is the difference worth $9975 ???Scanned by the NetBox from NetBox Blue
17th Oct 2007, 07:19   comments (1)


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I've had to clean out the old office this week in preparation for a
refurb - and I found this cool keyring and whistle at the back of a
I don't think I'll be returning it to the warden..... I have absolutely
no idea who the warden is! :-)

SpoonZ's Nightmare!

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Like most people I don't usually remember any of my dreams, but last
night I woke in a cold sweat after having the weirdest nightmare.

I'm sure it means something, but I'm buggered if I know what!

Here's the dream
I was running towards home in the rain, along the street that I grew up
The pavement was wet, and my slick soled shoes didn't give me much

I'm having trouble escaping from my pursuer..
None other than David "Cheap as Chips" Dickinson, the host of Antiques
daytime TV show "Bargain Hunt"
I have no idea why he's chasing me, but he's carrying a huge dog turd,
and is yelling that he wants to rub it in my face!!!

This is the point I woke up at.

I think I'd better lay off the cheese for a while...

I'm worried what scary nightmare I may get tonight
Maybe Arther Negus trying to assault me with a bag of vomit, or Hugh
Scully trying to run me through with a bottle of snot!
3rd Oct 2007, 01:29   comments (2)

The continuing humiliation of the Carwash!

And so it goes on - The poor cat thought things couldn't get any worse.
First he was shaved.. then he was forced to wear a girly jerkin'

Then on Sunday, Annalise found a single flea on the poor little guy :o(

That was that... The cat had to be Flea Dipped.

Luckily Carwash lives up to his name and has a real love of water!
He sat good as gold as he got washed and lathered - but once again,
that look on his face just says " Just wait till you sleep... You
have to sleep sometime!"