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Spanking Gorgeous

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Today I have the hunger!
Behold, the mighty noodle!!! Since moving downunder from the UK 3 years ago, this humble pot has become my holy grail!!! It's available from some import stores but I'd need to remortage the house to buy them in the same quantities I did in England.They are so full of chemical goodness!!!
Apparently they can't even import the "Bombay Bad Boy" variant into the country due to the manufacturers, Masterfoods, not being willing to disclose the ingredients used to chemically engineer this wonderful spicy manna. Maggi Noodles are no substitute. I have tried all Aussie n00bles and they just don't match the warm fuzzy MSG feeling you get from these babies. The wonderful un rehydrated soya, carrots, peas and spices at the bottom of each pot is just the finest!
The feeling when you peel back the foil and remove the little sachet of gloopy sause is almost orgasmic. (although the spicy sauce used to be even better when it was drier and spicier rather than the sweeter and runnier variant you get now)
... Boil Kettle, Fill to line, wait 2 minutes, stir, wait 2 minutes more, add sauce to taste. ENJOY...What could be simpler? You people back home don't know how lucky you are!!! :o)
You all know what I want for Christmas!!!
SpoonZ "Noodle Dayz" Spooner
P.S. Dont even get me started on Pot Rice :o)
14th Sep 2005, 03:18   comments (0)

...Our Stiffler

(viewed 731 times)
This is Stiffler... The most foul mouthed, sweary canary in the land (OK he's really a rainbow lorikeet, but I couldn't think of a good rhyming slang for him) Here he is "enjoying" the company of the pink moon monkey in his cage! If i was the pink monkey I wouldn't be smiling after being used as a sex toy five or six times a day. Aswell as being a dirty pervert he's a bit of a potty mouth and will often call you a "w4nk3r" as you politely talk to him. He will give you a "wolf whistle" when you walk past, but put your hand in his cage and he'll quite
happily savage you to the point of drawing blood. All in all, the most obnoxious little nectar snorting parrot about!
14th Sep 2005, 00:50   comments (1)

Told You!

(viewed 745 times)
This is Nathan and his "special friends" on their way to the school prom!
Not a woman in sight!
13th Sep 2005, 14:04   comments (5)

... My stepson Nathan

(viewed 726 times)
He is lazy & likes to wear his mums makeup and dresses when no one is at
home. We think he is "special" :o)
13th Sep 2005, 13:39   comments (0)

.. Our "Shit-zoo" - Scooby

(viewed 5155 times)
This is "Scoobs" our very protective little hound. Loves to eat, and poop and take up my spot in the bed! :-)
13th Sep 2005, 13:00   comments (12)

...and this is my lovely wife

(viewed 651 times)
She can be a bit of a handful. as you can see she likes to play with
But I love her to death! :o)
13th Sep 2005, 09:20   comments (0)

Welcome to you all from the Moon Monkey

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Welcome, Fellow Space Monkeys!!
What's going on in my world, well quite a bit!! Hopefully I'll get a few more photos, and some more cool stuff up here soon, but for now.
Just admire the pinkness of the space monkey!
13th Sep 2005, 07:26   comments (1)