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My Theme Song for the day!

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Another day of crazy madness!! (Best listened to while viewing yesterdays entry!) ~ It never helps when the IT office are annoying t00bs!! Are you listening Stuart!!! :o)
20th Sep 2005, 08:55   comments (0)

Do I look like a clown?

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It feels like I'm working in the circus at the moment!! :o)
It's the last week of term and things are going crazy!! Pulled in all directions. So much to do, so little time. Maybe I need a tiny monkey cycle or a comedy car to get me around the campus. I wouldn't change it for the world though!! Although I get a week off next week. Yay!!!! I just hope I don't run out of smiles before then :o)
19th Sep 2005, 14:48   comments (1)

The Passenger

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...but even being a passenger is cooler than a "body on ice" :o)
19th Sep 2005, 14:07   comments (1)

The wife claims back the car

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I actually got my first real thrash of the new motor today. It was only due to the fact that Annalise was seriously hungover this morning after a sunny Sunday on the pop! I don' think I'll get another chance for a while though as she soon put me back in the passanger seat on the way home :o)
19th Sep 2005, 14:01   comments (2)

No Sh*t Sherlock!

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Humour in marketing or stating the obvious?
It just made me smile :o)
18th Sep 2005, 05:03   comments (0)

Better than telly!

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CarWash the cat is obsessed with the new washing machine. "Its always better than the stuff thats usually on the telly" he said yesterday, "Hey theres Pink Monkey doing a turn!"
17th Sep 2005, 00:37   comments (5)

Art for Arts Sake, or Money for Gods Sake!

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When is art art and when is it just a cheap way to fool people into parting with huge wads of cash thinking they have something special?
Today weve been setting up an art exhibition and Im astounded at the kind of overpriced artwork people are willing to buy!!
Take these two examples
One is a photo of Bono, run through a couple of photoshop filters, printed onto canvas and hung on the wall of a swanky gallery with a price tag of $700
The other is a photo of Bono, stolen from Google images, run through a couple of photoshop filters, posted to moblog and then sent to the recycle bin!
One apparently took an artist "2 weeks from photo to canvas" and one took me 10 minutes in my lunch hour. So what does the artist do for the extra 20,150 minutes? email their work to the print shop, sit back and wait for it to be sent back?
Can anyone take a guess as to which image costs $700 and which is a rush job for my little rant?
Art is in the eye of the beholder, but IMHO running a photo through stock photoshop filters is not art!!! I'll be interested to see if it sells. Finally can anyone suggest the name of a good canvas printer? I think I'm onto a little money maker here :o)
SpoonZ "You want how much for it?" Spooner
15th Sep 2005, 13:27   comments (3)

Did i get rooted by the wife?

The big news this week is that the household has taken delivery of a new motor!
But I think somewhere along the way I have been subtly shafted by my own wife!!!
Here's the full story... About 3 months ago Annalise's pride and joy, her Ford Capri Barchetta finally went to the scrap heap in the sky. (Personally I hated the hunk of junk, sluggish, heavy and cold! - but thats just me).
Anyway, because we were working at the opposite ends of the city we needed to get a new motor and quick!!! So after shopping around for, ooohhh two minutes. She chose the shiney Mitsubishi Lancer MR. Loved the colour, alloys, spoiler, Clarion CD stacker, aircon etc.. so we slipped the dealer a wad of cash and off she drove in her shiny Lancer.
Anyway, things went well for a couple of months, then the weather started to get warmer and the whining got hotter :o)
"... i miss my softtop!.."
"... i miss my softtop!.."
Finally she dropped into conversation what she really meant!
".. Dave how about we part ex your car for a convertible?"
MY CAR.. my pride and joy, my baby, the car that meant more to me than life itself!! By beloved 'teg? My beautiful shiny red Integra?
"well maybe" I said "we'll just think about it hey?"
That was all it took, a day later we're looking at cars!
Then she found it.. The "flying banana!", the "custard caberiolet" 2 minutes later she's sat in the thing and is off round the block for a test drive.
Due to the lack of seats in the thing I'm left alone at the dealership with doubts running through my head. Thoughts of rising fuel prices, insurance costs and the headache of finding reliable maintainance for an piece of italian beauty. (The main reason the Capri died was probably due to "Dodgy Bob" doing the scheduled services)
10 minutes later she's back!
"ohhh Dave I love this car!" She says, demonstrationg how the roof goes up and down "all on it's own"
"I don't know babe! - Its not too practical" I said, putting my sensible head on.
"But it'll be OUR weekend car - Cruising out together just enjoying ourselves - It'll be OUR plaything!"
I was beginning to melt. It was a beautiful car.
"just weekends?" I ask "we use YOUR Lancer for the work runs and shopping etc"
"Yep, exactly!"
"Go on then" I say "Just weekends right? - OUR car yes?
So the deal is done, I part ex my pride and joy with a tear in my eye, but I'm looking forward to getting behind the wheel of a hot little Alfa.
Before the ink's dry on the contract, she's on the phone to her friend.. "Daves just bought me MY new car"
"who's car?"
"Sorry babe, OUR car"
Anyway she has to get the insurance sorted before we collect the new motor so I leave it to Annalise. At this point I get a call at work...
"Dave there's a problem with the insurance?"
Apparently due to my "lead foot" and numerous $50 tickets I am only able to be the "named driver".
"Its ok babe, I'll be driving it most of the time anyway!"
"WHAT!!!!...but we traded MY car!"
"That's OK" She says "You can still drive YOUR Lancer!"
Well the car was colllected on Saturday, and I've yet to drive it further than round the block. Let alone thrash is down the freeway with the wind in my (receeding) hair as I'd dreamt of!So to recap. I did have my pride and joy integra, I part ex it for the Alfa spider, the wife comendeers the Spider and I'm left driving the "Shitsabushi!"
Was I shafted? and how the hell did it happen? Must be a woman's trick that guys just dont see coming! :o)SpoonZ "The Passenger" Spooner
Thought of the Day - It's good to share :o)
14th Sep 2005, 14:17   comments (3)