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SpoonZ New Studio

(viewed 562 times)
FINALLY - I managed to get the new studio rigged up!!!
Now I can get down to making some serious noise! Except for when Annalise is
at home of course :-)
Managed to get the whole thing linked together, so now I can digitally
record out from the drums and keys to the 'pooter
Listen out!
SpoonZ "Shut the frak up" Spooner!
8th Jan 2006, 07:46   comments (2)

Kinder are dumbing down!

(viewed 848 times)
I was bought a kinder egg for Xmas (aren't I lucky) and I must admit I was a little disappointed.
Wolfed down the chocolate! Same and foreign as usual, Ohhh the capsule's now two colour, yellow AND orange, thats new. I gently prised it apart wondering what my surprise would be. Maybe a car to build out of tiny plastic parts!(Toy not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts might be swallowed or inhaled)
I was totally disappointed, a rabbit, a two piece rabbit.. WITH INSTRUCTIONS!!! Take head attach to body!!! duh!!
Maybe Im seing my childhood through rose tints, but I seem to remeber kinder's with loads (at least 5) of parts to put together!!! A generation of mechanics, engineers and inventors cut their teeth on Kinder's..Please someone tell me I'm not deluding myself here, and other kinders still have little kits and I was just unlucky!
They also have a magic code for an internet surprise. at my secret code is 8XS1F VjJK6X which gets me access to a rubish snake game and a pretty neat interactive cartoon. But please KINDER, stop making rubbish surprises!!!!
SpoonZ "Chocolate a surprise and something to play with" Spooner
29th Dec 2005, 07:01   comments (0)

Why do computers hate me?

(viewed 836 times)
Today has been computer hell. Ive managed to crash my evil PC and lose over 1hrs worth of digital audio recording. Of course this happened just after the recording artists had left for the summer holidays :-( Well Ive spent the rest of the day trying to scan the HD and get the temp files back... Oh the joys of windows and the BSOD. I think my version of the BSOD featuring Evil Edna is much more appropriate!
SpoonZ "Guru Meditating" Spooner (Ahhh the good old Amiga days. at least that meditated instead of crashing!)
8th Dec 2005, 08:53   comments (0)

Motorhead + SpoonZ = Broken Stickage

(viewed 653 times)
Bosted my first stick today. Got a bit carried away playing along to the Ace of Spades, Well, you win some, you lose some... it's all the same to me!
SpoonZ "Lemmy some cash for new sticks" Spooner
7th Dec 2005, 00:31   comments (0)

RAAF Pearce AirShow 2005

(viewed 934 times)
How sad am I?It's been just 3 years since I left the Royal Air Force, and during my 13
years service. I had the "pleasure" to guard aircraft at various airshows,
and to help clean up afterwards. I always thought that the "twitchers" and
"spotters" that lined the flight line and runways were quite sad. Anyway,
first excuse to go to an airshow, and there I was, Camera, Long Lens, with
the rest of the spotters and the display line! I think the RAAF only have
about 5 aircraft though but it was a great day just to enjoy the weather!
Well maybe it's true, "You can take the Lad out of the Air Force, but you
can never take the Air Force out of the lad" :-) I'm now off to rub
Annalise's sunburnt shoulders!
20th Nov 2005, 12:33   comments (0)

Sunny Monday

(viewed 615 times)
It's been a sunny Public holiday in WA and weve been lazing out in the sun all day. First chance weve had to use the pool this season, and its still freezing. (Should have had solar heating in) I know were all gonna suffer with sunburn tomorrow!
27th Sep 2005, 00:35   comments (0)

"I am smoking a fag"

(viewed 768 times)
Lurking among a collection of old school photos was this little gem! Circa 1935 these girls are enjoying one of lifes little pleasures. A proper "smoko".
Kids of today don't know what they're missing. Right Im off for a tab too!
20th Sep 2005, 10:19   comments (1)

Carwash find a new bed

(viewed 722 times)
"The Cat" has now taken to sleeping in the bathroom sink. This is the look you get when you try to move him!
20th Sep 2005, 09:28   comments (0)