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Freeway is not impressed with the new keyboard.

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30th Apr 2009, 04:14   comments (3)

Arrrg! This jobs back to haunt me again!

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This design job is back again for another year. Last year was a nightmare.

Client says, "Design me a muesli label for our product"
Me "Have you anything in mind"
Client " Nah, Just do anything"
Me... busy, busy, busy, design, design, design
Client - "No don't like it"
Me "What do you like"
Client "Dunno, can you do another?"
Me "One more K"
Me... busy, busy, busy, design, design, design
Client " Nah, don't like that either"
Me " F%$#K!"
Client - "How about something with a picture of the sun on it?"
This is the effort they eventually accepted - Personally I hate it.

Anyway, they're back again - For more muesli labels - I can see this being a
nightmare of a job again.
I hope it's just a date change and I can put a bullet in the job, and
finally put it out of it's misery!
17th Apr 2009, 04:21   comments (1)

Too posh for you

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A right little poser!
1st Apr 2009, 02:25   comments (0)


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It's amazing how little reading OF BOOKS goes on in our library now!
10th Mar 2009, 07:33   comments (2)

Heaven Smiles on Perth

(viewed 529 times)
A great shot of the moon, Venus and Jupiter coming together to smile
down on Perth : )
2nd Dec 2008, 01:57   comments (1)

Rawk Kat sez "I is axe lejend"

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16th Nov 2008, 03:18   comments (0)

Rawk Katz wait for the roadie to set up

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16th Nov 2008, 03:15   comments (0)

Now well overdue a service :(

(viewed 657 times)
21st Oct 2008, 01:11   comments (0)