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Just Weird

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I thought seeing all the oddballs on the beach in business suits and
umbrellas was weird....
Then I see this! Mr Tin Foil Helmet Warrior!
Im dumbfounded

The Existentialist

This morning at 6am about 100 fearless souls responded to an add in the
local rag from our "Artist-in-Residence", Andrew Baines
Andrew was looking to create a piece of living art on Cottesloe beach -
Based on his painting "The Existentialist" he asked people to turn up
wearing a business suit, and bring a black umbrella, they would be
provided with a bowler hat and he also added that they would be getting
wet - It was a spectacular sight of these odd people in a bizarre
situation just staring out to sea as the sun came up behind them. He
also got a group of the girls to recreate their own version of his
painting.Andrew is in the photo taking pictures to use as references for more of
his paintings.Check out Andrews work at his website
[url][/url] there's some really great
paintings there.

Victoria Quay Apartments Fremantle.

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I wonder what lurks behind that door??I drive past this derelict building on the quayside almost everyday, So
I stopped off at yesterday evening to grab some shots while waiting from
Annalise's train.The building always seems to glow red in the sunset

Lion Dancer!

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for Harmony day, we had a visit from the lions!
These are the fittest lions ive ever seen.
Loud and fast the photos don't do them justice.


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Here's some pins.. Nothing fancy, Im just testing the macro macro on the
little canon I bought for work :o)

Pink Champagne

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A photo for an ad I have been working on..
I placed a white plastic sheet behind a fishtank filled to the brim
with water..The water was coloured with red food dye. Then, using a
cable release, I took rapid shots using a quick burst of flash as I
dunked the bottle in and out of the water... Then via the magic of
photoshop I took another photo of the top of the bottle and cloned out
my hand holding the neck...
You don't want to know how many shots it took to get this one.


I was lucky enough to get a trip out to the "Aquarium of Western
Australia" with some of the year 8 kids. It's a great place to visit...
you get to travel "through" the tanks!Damn them Stingrays is big!!

My Billboard

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Look what some joker's done to my billboard!!!
I should have seen this coming when I was designing it, but it never
crossed my mind... it is pretty funny though,
although it might be a bit too subtle to notice in this photo
6th Sep 2006, 06:41   | tags:,,comments (6)