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The Bug Hunters

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I'm glad I'm not really a creepy crawley... (Although Annalise would
These kids look scary from this angle!

Paul Made Me Do It!

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My Brother-in-law, Paul, phoned a couple of weeks ago and asked me to mess
the bed up to annoy the wife.
I actually made the bed so I was a little reluctant to mess it up.
Unbeknownst to Paul I was secretly recording the conversation, and
"Accidentally" let the recording slip to the wife.
Paul was miffed, his joke was rumbled, and he vowed revenge. So he's filled
the wifes handbag full of garlic granuals.. now the house stinks... As a
reprisal.. I made a little ringtone of the conversation. Not to be
outdone... Paul has stolen the remotes to the TV. So until the remotes are
returned I've posted the remix of his song... WITH video, on the
interwebs... It's not coming down until I can use foxtel again :-p DO YOU
21st Oct 2006, 05:28   comments (0)

Watching You, Watching Me

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Here's Freeway the Cat - "I see you"

Ready, Steady.. Bugger!

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Here's our Jess, on the ski biscuit...
She'll get the hang of it eventually :-)

We Bury Fools

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First the fool made the mistake of letting us bury him...
Then we made him look like a mermaid....
Then we let Annalise jump on him... ouch!
Then we covered him in sand....
Fools never learn!!

Aerial Pr0n!

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During this mornings Helo trip I took hundreds of photos...I didn't notice this driveway until I got back onto terra firma and
downloaded the shots to the computer...I wish I'd have noticed while I was in the air - I'd have gotten a
better photo - but I was hanging on for dear life and just clacking the
shutter button :-DAnyway, it looks like these people have had rude daubs painted onto or
bricked into their driveway!...Why? - Although I do think it's pretty neat and good for a giggle,
defiantly a talking point when the vicar comes round for tea and scones
:-)Will they ever become as famous as the Nazca lines????

Heilichoppter Ride

Had a good day today! Our new school campus opened, and I was given the
task of taking photos of the ceremony!
But this time from the air, with a bit of a helicopter jaunt.... I'd
never been in a little whirly heilichoppter before, only RAF ones, so
this was great fun, no doors to keep you in, just the breeze and a mad
pilot throwing it all over the sky...
Mosman Park's a very exclusive suburb and some of the houses we flew
over were way out of my league... including one with rudie pictures
"paved into his driveway" Im off to see if I can google earth them..
I'll post those once I get through sorting the hundreds of photos I
took today.....Now I just need to get my pilots licence... and I'm buying one of these
little babies.... I wish :-)

Mr Wine Holder

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Tonight my friend, I'm having you for dinner!