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On New years day, Nathan was being a cheeky little boy to his mother. He was warned several times about not being cheeky and was warned that revenge would be forthcoming. So Nathan has a few too many drinks, and goes to bed.. His mother, sweet soul she is, sneeks in and rubs "VEET" depilatory cream into his noggin. 20 minutes later Nathan wakes up and jumps into the pool and his hair floats to the top like a wig! Well patches of it :oD The only thing to do was to remove the rest of his hair.. Now he has to go to work bald or wear a hat :o)
Moral of the story - Don't cheek Annalise, she'll make you look like Belson Boy

New Macbook

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I've just picked up my new MacBook and this is the very first Email
I'm sending out. Using a photo from photobooth. Not very original, I
know but Im still trying to get the hang of these fangled Apple
thingies as I've been a PC guy for years. So with a dual boot intel
Mac there's no reason not to dip my feet :) I can always just run
windoze on the thing if I can't get my head round the single mouse
clicker on this compooter.

I am the Uber Geek!

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I am master of my own geek kingdom!
Annalise bought me a replica lightsaber for Chrizzy.
It's supposed to be a collectable, but it's just more fun to play with it..
Maybe it's time I grew up - nah! This is just the bees kness yo!

I'm a Cheapskate

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I'm such a cheapskate... Not only did I not send Chrissy cards... I had to
designed a "home brand" budget range card, to email to everyone :o)
Have a great Christmas!
23rd Dec 2006, 23:41   comments (2)

you and whos army?

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Don't mess with the crabs round here... they're 'ard as nails!
14th Dec 2006, 23:32   | tags:,,comments (6)

Flying Frog

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A shot of one of the house mascots "Freddo" launched into the air on
sports day!

A Mystery - Other Peoples Photos

Here's a little mystery I'm trying to solve...
One of the groundsmen here at the school dug up a Smart Media Card while planting some roses recently. He bought the card to me to see if we could get anything off it. I carefully cleaned all the dirt from the contacts and put it into the drive... lo and behold it worked!! (These things are damn robust... I've actually washed and ironed a compact flash card before and I'm still using it!)
Anyway these are some of the photos we got off it -

1. A view - I think - towards Scarborough beach in Western Australia -
taken 17 July 2003

2. A burnt out washing machine ????-) Location unknown taken 19 June 2003 at 8am - suspect this is in England somewhere

3. Wimbledon - I assume - If the clock on the camera was right - It was taken during Day 4 of Wimbledon 2003 After doing some Googling I think the player could be Andre Agassi, who played court one - or Tim Henman who played Centre Court ( Im not a tennis fan so don't know what all the courts look like )
4. The entrance to Broomwood Hall - A school in SW London - (At least I think it is... the photos on their website show the same sort of brickwork etc) - taken Sunday 29 June 2003

5. Some Chickens!! - Location Unknown! The interesting thing is the billboard behind the cage - shows the company logo for "Fraser Tennant" an insurance company from North Yorkshire and "Hiscox" another insurance company - Maybe the owner of the camera offered to insure chickens??

6. Someone Crying? Also taken on July 17th - This is somewhere in Australia as zooming in with photoshop shows an Australian post envelope on the table - but the laptop case is possibly from Europe as it has instructions in French, German, Italian and Spanish on the bottom

So is this your memory card I'm holding - The photos were taken on a Fuji Finepix40i camera
and were taken from 19th June to the 1st August 2003 - Maybe I'll release another batch of clues from the card soon :-)Dave "Sherlock SpoonZ" Spooner

Dirty Dogz

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Our Scoobs is turning into a right filthy little hound!
Which is odd, firstly.. he's been "done"
and secondly there's a bit of a size difference!!!
Funny none the less! :o)
29th Nov 2006, 07:14   | tags:,comments (0)