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My Last Comet Shots

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These will probably be the last couple of comet shots that I'm going
to get :o(
It's starting to fade fast, each evening it's getting dimmer, so I
ventured out this evening to get these two shots about an hour ago.
I really wanted a couple of shots of the comet setting over our
house. Im pretty happy with both shots, although I'll have to clean
them up due to all the sensor clag and crap on the lens... hey it was
dark outside!!! :o)
Both were taken on my trust Nikon D100 f2.8 35mm for 30 second
exposures - It's quite difficult to play musical statues for 30
seconds whilst the shutter's open. :O)

Great Comet of 2007

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This weekend we've been bush - we camped out at a site about 25km east of
Guilderton, West Australia.There was no "light pollution" during the nights and the comet looked
superb.The tail extended way up into the night sky and even after the comet dipped
below the tree line, the tail could be seen clearly over an hour later.

Power to think

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This week I've mostly been working on some billboard graphics - for our
"Power to Think" campaign.
Just the text to go in now and then it's the weekend and beer o'clock
!! YAY!!!!

Beers by Candlelight

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I love the warm summer nights - there's nothing like beer out by the
pool, and a mozzie candle just incase I drop off to sleep :o)

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

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I'm still loving the macbook. I usually edit video premiere but
iMovie's such a fun little programme to use. I had a chance to play
with a JVC HDD Camcorder at the weekend and output the footage to
iMovie, reversed and mirrored.. Great fun for fun little clips !

The Muse of Fire

(viewed 1558 times)
The Muse of Fire from our adaptation of Shakespear's Henry 5th

Dodger and Fagin's Boys

(viewed 4436 times)
Yep, Im still archiving all my old shots.
This is a promo shot taken for the production of Oliver!
The Artful Dodger and his gang of thieves.


(viewed 1610 times)
Taken while out and about with our Year 8 Campers