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Yesterday I travelled out to meet up with our Year 8 Campers. Spent the
day taking photos and video and playing on the "flying fox" It's a hard
life :o)

Skellingtons and Brains

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I had a photoshoot over in the science department today, so here's my
test shots of Skelingtons and Brains from the Biology classroom!!!

Click.. Click,Click,Click,Click,Click!!!!!!

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Today at work I have mostly been sorting out the "Clicker Draw!"
There's Clickers for TVs, CDs, VCRs, DVDs, MMPs, Satellite systems,
Camcorders even one for an old airconditioner!Phew.. It's been a busy day and it's time to go home!
"Right where's the clicker to my car's immobiliser?".
"WHAT?? you put it in the "Clicker draw?""
"Bugger!" :o)


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Today was the Annual Inter-House Swimming Carnival.
Imagine standing a few feet from a jet taking off.....
This sound is nothing compared to 1000 screaming girls in an enclosed
space!!!! - Now imagine this noise continuing for several hours!
Who'd be a photographer :opRight where's the paracetamol!
7th Feb 2007, 08:35   comments (7)

The bell tower, Perth

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Once again, it's sweltering hot here in Perth, and once again.. I'm
stuck in traffic.. praise the lord of AirCon! Anyway, here's the view
from the passenger seat of the bell tower in Perth.. I really ought
to get out and visit and take some photos.. There's some really wacky
architecture here, and plenty of opportunity for some abstract


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I've really got myself into some bother today.. Today was our wedding anniversary... and I forgot!!!! As punishment, Ive had to
scrub, clean and polish Annalise's care to her highest standards...
to be honest I think I got off pretty lightly. but I'll not be
forgetting in the future :o) She's a superstar!!!
6th Feb 2007, 12:15   comments (3)


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SpoonZ, Bordom, Macbook, Cellphone.. Ingredients for a trippy little
clip using the video pinch. :o)
5th Feb 2007, 07:45   comments (0)

Sunset on the Swan

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A Little time lapse video of Sunset on the swan, taken from the Burswood
hotel this weekend.