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When Animals Attack

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We all went camping down to Waroona Dam at the weekend, And I caught this little clip.

There were wild 'roos roaming around the campsite, and the kids were feeding them and patting them as they do - but it pays to remember that however cuddly they look kangaroos can have a dark side. >;oD

BTW No kids were hurt in the making of this film :o)


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Last weekend I got enlisted to do the photography for my Niece's Prom.
Little Diva she is :-p
They came out well if I say so myself... it's not often that I do
portraits, especially stuff like this but I might give it a go more
often from now on.

Harmony Day

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Yesterday was Harmony Day,
and to give us a taster of different "kulchaz" we had a belly dancer
come in to perform at lunch time.
I didn't know where to point my lens :-p

Drunken Muso

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I managed to get a little tippsy at the weekend, and as is usual when I
get intoxicated, the keyboard comes out.
I put on a daft hat, and make songs up about cabbages, meerkats and
Pretty much anything.
Being plastered I can only usually play with one finger too :-)The only problem is... This weekend Stu caught me camera. :-)It's now thursday and I still have a hangover, and after seeing this...
it's no wonder the neigbours complain.


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Here's a little idea I had running through my head for a while...
Project a photo of a printed circuit board onto a screen.
Stand in front of screen.
take snapshot..
and that's it....
I really am bored today :-p

SpoonZ is watchin' :)

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This arvo I've been playing about with the macro setting on my K800i.
It's pretty niffty..
Although I've blinded myself with the autofocus and flash :-)
8th Mar 2007, 08:19   | tags:,,,comments (0)

A gift!

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This morning, Carwash, our cat, brought us a little gift..Unfortunately it was still squeaking..He was soooo proud of himself.. We weren't so impressed though

Fast Hands

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Today I just got my SB-800 flash unit back from the repair shop.... (One
of the little angels at work managed to knock the tripod over it was sat
on, and smashed the lens to smitherenes.)
Anyhoo, I'd never played about with the repeating shot mode on the gun,
so here's my first try...
Set the camera to expose for 3 seconds, and get the flash to fire 6
times during the exposure, giving a bit of a strobe effect....
I've got an idea to do a similar shot, with a chess board and pieces.