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Hello World from the lab!

Part spider - part lab monkey, will do science for cash, strawberries, or for a place to be that's out of the rain (but preferably for cash).

The rest of what I get up to goes into the Tunnel of Goats :)

Urgent Science Stuff:

Please help reform English libel law
Current UK libel laws are very bad for science and free speech.

Cool science stuff:

RCSB Protein data bank: Molecule of the Month in alphabetical order

The PCR Song It's the little things that keep you going...

NCBI's Entrez Gene My favourite starting point for finding out what is known about any gene of interest.

NCBI's PubMed Where to go to find pretty much all research published in the last 30 years or so (may go back a lot further now). All newly published research is quickly added to the site.

The Genetic Code - table of the DNA/RNA triplet codes for amino acids. This is how DNA codes for protein.

Another PCR song Disco frenzy :)

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Another day in the gel factory

(viewed 483 times)
This time running digested vector and inserts for one cloning thing and PCR products for another cloning thing at the same time. The DNA is all safely extracted from the gels now (I hope) and in little tubes waiting for the next step tomorrow.
20th Nov 2009, 00:55   comments (1)

If at first you don't succeed...

(viewed 300 times)
and don't succeed the second time either, try again.
Another day, more of the same PCR.
18th Nov 2009, 23:28   comments (0)

Everybody loves PCR

(viewed 469 times)
Mostly because of the pretty colours :)

I have a plan. This is part one of it: i.e. make more DNA to begin with.
17th Nov 2009, 22:48   comments (0)

A long hard think about what I have done

(viewed 493 times)
Going through my methods so far, looking for clues. Found a few things to try. Fingers crossed one of them will work - tomorrow is another day.

16th Nov 2009, 23:08   comments (4)

Back to the drawing board

(viewed 633 times)
What I really need is for the plate on the left to look like the plate on the right (i.e. have bacterial colonies carrying the plasmid I am so lovingly trying to make that will make my favourite new protein and give them enough antibiotic resistance to grow on these agar plates).
Something is not happy. Probably the ligation step... Tomorrow will bring more troubleshooting.
15th Nov 2009, 20:30   comments (13)

Here we go again

(viewed 359 times)
Fingers crossed for colonies in the morning. Making glass spreaders has to be one of the most fun things about cloning.
14th Nov 2009, 21:53   comments (1)

Sparklingly clean :(

(viewed 414 times)
No clones for me today :(
Redo ligation overnight and transform again tomorrow.
At least the little cells are happy in their new home.
13th Nov 2009, 22:07   comments (1)

late night modelling session

(viewed 447 times)
Thanks to
13th Nov 2009, 07:22   comments (7)