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Somebody needs to explain to Tesco about the Oedipus Complex

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17th Nov 2005, 19:59   | tags:comments (0)

Contains Strong Language From The Outset

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Hooray! Jerry Springer The Opera is now out on DVD. I'm assuming its rudest subtitle would breach the Moblog guidelines, hence the self-censorship.

Blurry FACT

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Panicky, nervous attempt at taking a picture of the anti-piracy notice at the start of Corpse Bride, Sunday 9pm screening at the Apollo West End. I shouldn't have been that panicky, because my viewing companion and I were literally the only people in the cinema at the time. And this is the second time that's happened to us at the Apollo (the first was a Bank Holiday screening of The Bourne Supremacy last year). Beats me how that place keeps running, frankly.

Veitchstalking #4

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7 Seconds Of Love live at the Metro Club. Joel seems to have lost an arm since I last saw them.

Minor delays are occurring on the North London Line

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15th Nov 2005, 09:52   | tags:comments (4)

TRAFALGAR! Are you ready to ROCK!?

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Light show over Nelson's Column as part of the 200th anniversary celebrations in Trafalgar Square.
25th Oct 2005, 12:35   | tags:comments (3)

It Must Be LFF

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The Odeons West End and Leicester Square celebrating the start of the 2005 London Film Festival. (discreet plug)

Sufjan Stevens, Shepherds Bush Empire

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In an evening full of charm and whimsy (not to mention beautiful tunes), possibly the funniest element was listening to the touts outside the venue doing their traditional "tickets, buy or sell" routine. But completely avoiding saying what they were buying or selling tickets for, presumably because they didn't know how to pronounce his name...

(It's soof-yan, by the way. Though the guy who brought the band on stage initially introduced him as "Sujfan Stevens".)