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#Collabfest2020 beer 12: Berry Me In Dublin (Dublin Outpost x O'Brother, imperial bramble kviek milk stout, 11.40%)

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Oh, what a surprise: the two beers in Collabfest currently getting the highest ratings on Untappd are the two with double digit ABVs. Our final beer of the night is the weaker of those two, and damn, it's good - an impossible number of layers reveal themselves as you drink it, as fruit gives way to bitterness and then to the creamy afterttaste you'd expect from a milk stout. (Okay, at this stage of the night 'impossible' apparently means 'three'.) James Watt was raving about this in the video tasting session this afternoon, saying how for him it brought back childhood memories of bramble picking. I don't have that degree of personal connection with this beer, I just know that it's a delightful one to be finishing a day's worth of drinking with, particularly when accompanied by a quick dance to a Mr Scruff DJ set from last year.

21st Nov 2020, 23:31   comments (0)

#Collabfest2020 beer 11: Reinheits But Not (Sheffield x Triple Point, sour honey & ginger dopplebock, 8.10%)

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A break during which we finish off all the beers from the YouTube tasting session, and make ourselves a pair of White Trash pizzas (because BrewDog can't be bothered making them any more), and then a dive into the last couple of beers of the day. This one has all sorts of interesting spicing coming through, with the ginger especially noticeable. It's the nearest we've had to a sour all day, which is interesting given how prevalent they usually are in Collabfest: with the honey, there's a nice warming feeling from the beer overall. "Bit guzzly for an 8.1%," suggests The BBG, who also points out that the beer name is a brilliant German pun that I missed.

21st Nov 2020, 22:51   comments (0)

#Collabfest2020 beer 10: Hello Diane (Southampton x Unity, Californian IPA, 6.00%)

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The BBG is all excited at finally getting to drink a west coast IPA, only to be all disappointed as brewer Jimmy Hatherley says that all the west coast breweries are trying to copy NEIPAs these days. It's got a bit of fuzz and some fruity juiciness to it, but it ends up tasting curiously bicoastal as a result. Nice enough to drink, though. And as this is the last tasting as part of the Open Arms live online event, can we just say that all online beer events should be run like this? That was terrific. Thanks to all involved, especially hosts Johnny and Brad. 

21st Nov 2020, 18:06   comments (0)

#Collabfest2020 beer 9: Brett A Manger (Newcastle x Donzoko, bretted Helles, 4.70%)

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?If The BBG's beer enemy is NEIPA, then mine is brettanomyces. I've had a problem with bretted beers since a bottle of Siren's All Bretts Are Off exploded when we tried to open it. Also, just the name 'bretts' seems to inspire terrible puns, as is also the case here. (Though The BBG insists Donzoko missed a trick by not referencing fellow Geordie Ross Noble and his 20-year-old routine about calling the sandwich chain 'Pret A Manager'.) This one's passable, but still a bit weird tasting: The BBG is reminded of childhood sweets that were like cola cubes but pineapple flavoured, if that helps.

21st Nov 2020, 17:34   comments (0)

#Collabfest2020 beer 8: Incognito Face Fuzz (Glasgow x Overtone, Double NEIPA, 8.00%)

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"It's one of those, but a good one of those," says The BBG as she's pouring this one out. Her antipathy to NEIPAs has been well documented, and it would take something special to convince her otherwise: and this is pretty special. Brewer Hayley Barbour describes it as a 'tropical paradise', and seems to think that very few people are making beers in the style, which makes us here think that she needs to get out more. But it's a terrific example of a NEIPA, with tons of flavour. 

21st Nov 2020, 17:31   comments (0)

#Collabfest2020 beer 7: Unsomnia (Brussels x Brussels Beer Project, Decaf Blond/White Stout, 5.70%)

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?The YouTube event seems to be nicely paced after the scary start: long interview with a brewer, discussing the beer, and followed by a similarly lengthy feature to give us all time to finish drinking it. (For example, a chat with the guys in the Berlin brewery before this one, and a tour of the Brisbane Dogtap after it.) It looks like for these tastings, they've gone for the gimmicky beers: though the guy from BBP insists the word 'stout' applies to strength rather than colour, so a white stout shouldn't be too much of a shock. The guys from Craft Beer Channel suggest drinking with your eyes closed to stop them messing with your perception, and it surprisingly helps (The BBG says the tonka beans come through better that way). The use of decaf coffee doesn't make much of a difference to the taste, although it's a bit early in the day to see if the lack of caffeine has any real impact.

21st Nov 2020, 17:04   comments (0)

#Collabfest2020 beer 6: Salinity (Shepherd's Bush x Orbit Beers, Baltic porter, 8.10%)

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Between 4pm and 7pm this afternoon, there's a thing at - an online tasting of five of the beers, which we've managed to just get hold of in time. Which makes it a bit scary when the event opens with James and Martin doing a high speed guzzle through an almost completely different set of beers. Eventually we work out what's going on - this is just an intro, and there are now going to be longish interviews with the head brewers responsible for the advertised set of five. To start off with, we have Orbit's splendid Baltic porter which has an identical level of saltiness to the Baltic sea, apparently. The salt sets it off beautifully, and it's a really delicious porter all round: texture and taste are just lovely. 

21st Nov 2020, 17:02   comments (0)

#Collabfest2020 beer 5: Maximillian (Tower Hill x German Kraft, hopfenweisse, 5.20%)

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Saturday lunch is a big old box of buffalo cauliflower wings biked in from our second nearest BrewDog bar - they reheat splendidly in the oven, for what it's worth. As they had some space left on the bike, we also ordered another four beers for later on, inevitably. As for our first beer of the day, it's another wheaty gentle start, which works well alongside the heat of the wings. The flavours are nice, though The BBG suggests they could be a little more robust: it feels to her like a prototype that could be better with just a bit of tweaking. The little extra burst of hops at the end suits me just fine.

21st Nov 2020, 15:34   comments (0)